The Partiologist: Push Pops - Day 2 - Angel

Push Pops - Day 2 - Angel

I really wish I could just have enough time in the day to get all my ideas out of my head so I could sleep at night.  I tossed and turned all night long, pretty soon my husband put his arms around me and I thought he was just showing how much he loved me.  Come to find out, he was trying to get me to lay still! So I decided I had better get these Push Pop ideas out to you! 

Angel Push Pop

This idea started with some scrap book paper (Joann Fabrics), ribbon (Michael's), wings (Hobby Lobby), a paper star (Pier I) and jingle bells.

And see, I made an Angel Push Pop! 

I also switched out the star - it was another item I saved from last Christmas. I

f you can't find any bells on a ring while you're opening your gifts, you could make a pretty halo out of gold pipe cleaners. 

I think those bells might actually be a napkin ring.

Here are the cookies I made to go in it, frosted and topped with edible gold dragees.

Or you could fake it don't make it!

Fill them with store bought Ferrero Rocher.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Push Popping!


  1. Oh, I LOVE this!!!! This will make great stocking stuffers for the kids or great gifts the kids can make as presents!!!! Where do you get the push pops???

  2. These are so cute!! And Yumm!!! Ferrero Rocher :)

  3. I will do some searching and post it tomorrow!

  4. Love the itty bitty angel wings on the pops! Would be so cute for a favor for a "It's a Wonderful Life" themed party!

  5. I just love your party ideas!!! I just wish I had time to do all of them :)

  6. You must have looked in the mirror and modeled this after you. You are an ANGEL to share these heavenly ideas with us ;0)


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