The Partiologist: Push Pops - Day 3 - Elf

Push Pops - Day 3 - Elf

I've got Push Pop ideas for everyone 1 - 101, and since my wonderful Grandmother will be turning 101 next year, I might have to run these by her! 

Elf Push Pop

This next little guy is really simple, but not my favorite (oh maybe I shouldn't have said that, I would hate to hurt his feelings)!  

I started with green scrapbook paper, notice how I cut my pattern with points by folding in half and in half again and again.

I added rick rack and bells to the mix.

So very simple - Santa's little Elf.

I used the rick rack and buttons from the Gingerbread Man Push Pop.

Now here are the little cookies I came up with.

Simple little cookies with fondant and silver dragees!

Of course I have to show you how to FAKE IT DON'T MAKE IT.

Christmas M & M's of course!

So, Have Your Elf a Merry Little Christmas!


  1. 101 congratulations to your Grandmother how blessed you are. This is adorable. I love the jingle bells on the better. Looking forward to the remaining creations!

  2. These are super cute! I was just sitting here thinking that these would make a super cute Advent display too. Hmmm....

  3. These are so cute. I am now a subscriber to your site. Very cute ideas. I'll be making so far all three of your push-up projects. Thanks for sharing where you buy them, too.

  4. Thanks for sharing your cute ideas. If these aren't your favorite I can't wait to see what to see what is in the days to come ;)

  5. No wonder why you don't sleep. These are just amazing. I can not WAIT to see what else you have instore for us. So fun. from, twobeautiful girls.

  6. I am looking forward to seeing the rest also!!! I think these would make great little class parties! I want to make them for my little "Cubbies" at AWANA! Thanks again for sharing your ideas!

  7. Oh, Grandma Marie! WHat an inspiration she is! Love these push-pop ideas! So fun and festive! Are your Christmas trees up yet? Cheeron!

  8. "I'm hoping I have some PP ideas"... "12 days of PP" ROFLMAO

  9. I hope you're laughing with me NOT at me! :)

  10. What's not to love about this????? It's adorable!!


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