The Partiologist: Silver Christmas Dinner Party - Part III

Silver Christmas Dinner Party - Part III

I hope you're ready to get back to Christmas and a sneak peek at my show stopping dessert!  With a little patience, you'll have your chocolate domes created!

Chocolate Dome

Here's the not too show stopping, bad photo of a good little treat, I HAD to show you.

Cherry on Top Chocolate Pudding Shots!

I almost forgot to show you the cookie I made for each guest to take home.

One very large 8" Snowflake!

Okay, now here's what you've been waiting for....

or what I've been waiting to show you!

My SHOWSTOPPER dessert...

My edible chocolate dome covering a wonderful chocolate dessert.

Notice the sprinkling of edible snow covering the plate.  I made sixteen of these little beauties!

Would any of you make one if I showed you how? 

I didn't take any photos at the time, but I would recreate and take photos if you are interested. 

You know I'd do anything for you, my peeps!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


  1. Yes please! I would love to see!

  2. I definitely would LOVE to see how you made these! Susan S.

  3. Wow! That's a whole lot of detail work on the cookies! and I would Love to know how you made that beautiful chocolate dome!

  4. It would be amazing to learn how to make this. It is truly a masterpiece!!!!

  5. what a stunning idea! yes, please share!

  6. Wow! I cannot even imagine how your guests responded to these delights!

  7. Do tell! Your guests must have had so much fun "cracking" into the chocolate dome...not to mention eating it!

  8. I would love to see promises that I would make them because they look like A LOT of work!!!

  9. LOVE the chocolate domes!!! Did you make them with a balloon?!

  10. Yes, I did use a balloon and as soon as I get a chance, I'll try and recreate!

  11. Just knowing you used a balloon gives the secret away. I'm smiling just remembering my disaster with balloons and melted chocolate :-)
    Glad you didn't have that experience!

    Yes, please do again and take photos. I can't believe you did soooo many. You are truly a wonder.

    As a possible future customer of your cookie business I'd like to know why you don't say how big the cookies are unless they are really big. What is the smallest and what is the largest you have done. Thanks for all you share.

    PS....have you ever considered doing a Cookie Book?
    I'd stand in line to buy one.

  12. The snowflake above is 8" and all of my other cookies range from 3" - 5" I really need to measure them all for sure! About the book - I would love to, but don't think I could pull it off! After my push pop creations, I'll be recreating that chocolate dome!!

    Thanks for commenting!


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