The Partiologist: Art Party!

Art Party!

Oh my, this is a fun one... a colorful one... and it will bring out the artist in all of you!  I attended and made cookies for the most adorable little birthday girl and art party ever.  

Art Party

When coming to the front door, I was greeted with this little sign.

And the cutest little Artists...Grace and the Birthday Girl Natalie.

Once the door was opened ...

A hundred balloons had floated to the ceiling - it's the perfect entry!

The hall was lined with Natalie's artwork.

Then over to the dining room a bright and beautiful crafty table.

The buffet was filled with something out of a child's dream!

The cutest birthday banner.

Oh, you must see the detail.

And the cake, the little art palette cake.

Filled with brightly striped yumminess!

Jars of Supplies.

For every Artist to enjoy.

On over to the Kitchen.


Nope, No starving artists here.

The table was filled with some very artistic food.

How about a PB & J Paint Palette?

Before they were to eat, the artist's needed to paint their canvas.

With every color under the rainbow.

And if all that wasn't enough, a pinata was waiting for them.

And the perfect little paint can filled with art supplies to take home.

 And the paint palette cookies I made.

May your World be Painted with Color!


  1. how adorable!!! did you have a hand in the decor ideas as well? i would have loved to have been invited to this party!!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I love this! I want this to be MY party!!!

  3. such a cute party!! you always amaze me with the details that you think of:)

  4. THIS SHOULD'VE BEEN MY PARTY AS A CHILD!! (or even now as an adult!!)

  5. Very cool indeed!

  6. Kim, You are so creative with this party! Everything that was in the house was so detailed and pretty! You did a very good job with this party! And the cookies were so adorable! You should do my birthday party!

  7. Hi - Love your ideas! Would you mind sharing the template for the paint palette cut outs you used to label the foods?

    1. This paint palette was made using a cricut cartridge rented from a scrapbooking store. Sorry, I don't have the name of the cartridge. My friend put this party together with me being her support system! :)

  8. Awesome party! Did you make that cake yourself? I am trying to create the same cake for my daughter's birthday. Any suggestions on how to get that shape?

    1. My friend ordered this cake from a local bakery. I would first draw and cut out the shape from a piece of parchment. Bake 2 9" x 13" cakes and freeze the cakes overnight. After the cakes are soft enough to cut, but not thawed, cut the cakes in to the shape. Refreeze and frost, that way the side don't crumble when frosting. Hope this helps! :)


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