The Partiologist: Coconut Cake - Jelly Belly Style!

Coconut Cake - Jelly Belly Style!

Since this cake was to be displayed in Jelly Belly Alley, I had to incorporate the fun of Jelly Beans and I know you are dyeing to find out how.
My Larger than life Jelly Bird Egg Nest Coconut Cake~

Jelly Belly Cake

If you look closely, there are jelly beans in the nest...the chocolate lace nest.  See...
I bet you didn't know that Jelly Birds layed such large lace eggs did you?  For Real.
I made a giant Chocolate Bird Nest.

Lined a metal bowl with saran wrap.
Made a nest, just like a bird.  Only bigger.

I've always wanted a BIG nest egg!  

This one was lace and filled with Jell Beans.
1.  Blow up a balloon and shape like an egg.  Draw a line around the middle with an edible marker.

2.  Place in bowl - just so happened, I had an egg shaped bowl to use.  Pipe melted candy melts in a loop pattern.  Only go half way down - to your line.  Place in frig to harden.

3.  Use another balloon, this time for the bottom of the egg.  Draw another line around the middle and a circle in the center.  Completely fill in the circle to support for the jelly beans.

4.  Pipe more loops around the balloon, filling in the center top.

5.  After the loops are hard, carefully cut the end of the balloon and slowly let the air out. You'll hear a crackling noise as it releases from the balloon.  And two half's make a whole...egg.

6.  Place the bottom of the egg in your chocolate nest.

7.  Fill with Jelly Beans!
No, the cake was not Jelly Belly flavored, but colored egg layered.

1. Added food color before I baked each cake layer~Yea, you probably figured that part out.

2. Froze them until I was ready to frost.

3. Then I stacked them all, putting a yummy coconut filling between each layer.

4. Four layers, makes a very TALL cake!

5. Frosted the outside.

6. Pressed coconut around the sides and on top.

7. Used some little rods to help support the NEST!

After adding the top piece of the lace egg, off it went to Jelly Belly Alley! 
Remember, you don't need Jelly Belly Alley to make this cake.  I won't tell.

Now for the best part...we got to eat it!
This is my breakfast the next morning...
Yes, cake is the new pancake!
Never Leave the Nest!


  1. Such a pretty cake!! I want a slice too!! Love your set up too! Kim, i am still curious how you store all your stuff! :)

    1. Thanks Faithy! Check out the organization posts - I've got them all in clear storage bins!

  2. I love the colors of the cake! Beautiful!!!

  3. Dear Partiologist, All I have to say is that you are egg-mazing. Everything is over the top as always. from, twobeautifulgirls

  4. That cake looks so beautiful. It also looks delicious! What a fun thing to serve and yummy to eat!

  5. Thankyou for the fun tutorial on how to do the candy melts lacy eggs. I love that idea. The egg is just beautiful as is your pastel layered cake. Just so very pretty. Did you use 8in pans? I like the height too of the cake. Cutting into it is such a delightful surpize. Since I'm not a big coconut person I'd probably leave that off. But yours looks so soft and wonderful to cut into. It looks so delicious. I'm giving a luncheon next week and that would be the perfect dessert. Thanks for sharing. You always have such great ideas!


  6. Oh, my gosh! This is beautiful and over-the-top! Love it! Yes, I have seen your storage system and it is amazing and as organized as can be! LOVE IT!


  7. Love it! You are just toooo creative!

  8. Your lace egg is wonderful and the cake looks delicious. You had some very happy party guests, I'm sure.

    1. Thanks Beth - they were happy and I've been happy about every day this week (lots of cake left over!)

  9. Wow! The cake looks amazing. Thank you so much for the chocolate egg nest tutorial. You're as clever as you are cute!!


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