The Partiologist: Chocolate Graduation Cookies!

Chocolate Graduation Cookies!

Today was the day to make the cookies I've been thinking about ever since I made the Hydrangea.  Remember when I stacked those cookies?  What could be better then celebrating a graduation than with chocolate cookies.  Chocolate cookies that form a graduation cap. 

Chocolate Graduation Cookie

The best part is, the chocolate cookies taste delicious too!
Recipe From Bon Appetit
Creaming the butter
Melting the Chocolate
Dough is mixed
Add black food coloring
Roll and cut out dough in five 2" round cookies and one 3" square cookie
Pipe black frosting in between each round cookie and stack

After the round cookies are stacked, add the square cookie to the top.  Use a fondant (clay) gun and make the tassel.  Top with a Red M & M.  (I've really got to work on taking photos throughout the entire process).  

Hat's Off to the Grad!!


  1. What kid wouldn't want a cookie instead of a card??? Add the money and it's the perfect gift!

  2. Cute....wanted to tell you we got three of the daisy molds in at the store this week....

  3. This is such a smart idea! Love this cookie (s)

  4. Such a great idea with the stacking. They look fantastic. Totally digging the colour, they look Oreo coloured so I instantly can taste the goodness! Loving the contrast of the red against the black too. Great work.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  5. This is really a cute idea! Love it!

  6. I love the use of the red m&m on the hat. It's perfect!


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