The Partiologist: Red, White and Good For You!

Red, White and Good For You!

Red, White and Good for you!  That's right, I'm posting something that's good for you and it's chocolate.  How can that be you ask?  Well, in my world, chocolate makes me happy and if you're happy, you feel good and if you feel good...really, I could go on and on.  So, you see, chocolate IS good for you.

Chocolate Star Cookie Fire Crackers~

Simple, Stacked & Chocolate.  Stars!
Here's how~
Bake some chocolate star cookies in three sizes using your favorite chocolate cookie recipe.
Melt red, white and blue candy melts.
Drizzle on the White.
Drizzle on the Red.
Drizzle on the Blue.
You can serve them on a plate~
Or stack them up, with the smallest on top. 
Then stick a sparkly sparkler through the center of all the cookies!
That's all folks! 

I mean that's all for today...


  1. You make this look so easy, but I know that if I even tried to do wouldn't turn out so beautiful! You are so talented! They are so fun and how cute they would look at a Fourth of July party!

  2. Amazing and they look so yummy! I love it. I hope you'll add this one to my Patriotic Project Parade.

  3. I just found them and pinned them! Would you submit them on my website so I may feature them on the slider for the 4th of July! Thanks!


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