The Partiologist: The Gypsy King!

The Gypsy King!

Here's another one of my creations I couldn't wait to share.  While at the Carnival, some may need to be told their fortune.  Which was "You will have a Good Time".  I did not need to have The Gypsy King tell me I would have a good time because I had a GREAT time at the party and creating this corner.

 The Gypsy King
Complete with his own sign.

And Table!

Here's How~

Measured and added removable hangers to the wall.

Added pillar for table.

Placed Gypsy poster (purchased from Zazzle) on the black foam board.

Added beaded curtain across the top and tied sides with ribbon.

Made "The Gypsy King" sign with a frame, cardstock and gold glitter letters.

Added gold Mardi Gras beads on the table.

And beads across the top.

The Perfect place to serve beverages~
With decorated glasses.

Bought and cut coin trim to fit each glass and glued dotted it on.

I loved the 3D Look!

Serving it up "Iced".

I was very "fortunate" to be told that more parties would be in my future!!

Thanks Gypsy King!

What's Your Fortune?


  1. Wow, this is great. Where did you get the actual gypsy king? We wanted to create something like this last year for our Halloween of Magic party, but couldn't find just the right fortune teller doll - we had a real one though!

    1. Thanks Beth - I ordered the poster from I thought it would work great for a Halloween party too!

  2. This is just SO clever! I love how you think of such unique ideas!

  3. cute dress!!!! and love the party ideas too :)

  4. I would love to get inside your head one day! The ideas must be bursting out of it. I can't believe how incredible all of these carnival party ideas are. You must have had a million guests with all that food!!!! When are you going to write a book????????

  5. I love your creativity! You have the best ideas and make everything come together with awesome style!

  6. I would never have guessed that was a poster! It looks 3D in the picture and I was wondering how you created the Gypsy King!! What a fantastic scene!!!

  7. What a great display and so easy to make too. Love it! Great photo op for the party too.


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