The Partiologist: Farm Themed 1st Birthday!

Farm Themed 1st Birthday!

It's been a minute or two since I've lasted posted. But for a very good reason...I've been busy entertaining my family including my little grandson who turned one last November! I thought I better get busy and share his 1st birthday party before it's time to celebrate his 2nd. He loves animals so my daughter thought a farm party would be the perfect theme.

Farm Themed 1st Birthday!

Growing up on a farm myself, I loved the idea! So of course I started planning to make all kinds of farm themed desserts. Like sugar cookies!

One of the easiest designs turned out to be one of my favorites. The hay bale. I remember playing on the stacks of hay when I was little, seriously good times. 

But I loved the barn cookie too. And I played in our barn, climbing and making all kinds of imaginary playhouses and who knows what else. Again, so much fun! I bet you didn't know The Partiologist played in the dirt as a kid.

Anyway, as you can imagine, this was just the beginning.

Since you know a RKT is always at the party, these were about as easy as it gets.

Pigs in the mud. With the little piglet party picks it couldn't be any easier. I drizzled chocolate mud to the top of each RKT, added the topper and they were done. Now you might be wondering if I played in the mud as a kid. Well, we didn't have any pigs, but I definitely played in the mud.

Now, the pretzels were a bit more complicated. Only because of all the colored chocolate. Or should I say animals?

I mean, do you know many designs I could have made? I stopped at five. And my memory of chickens was that I was afraid to gather the eggs. But I did it. Again, something you would have never known about me. 

And I only lost a few beaks along the way...on the pretzel that is. It's never good when a chick looses it beak. And I was also afraid to turn the water on by the cows. I did that only once in awhile. 

We had a little pony for a short time. Maybe I only have a short memory of the pony, but I know we had one!

I had already made so many desserts, but I've had this mold just waiting for a time to use it. It's one of those moments when I knew if I didn't, I would look back and say I should have used the tire mold...I could have used the tire mold...I wish I had used the tire mold. So to save my family from all my should've, would've, could've, I used the tire mold.

For tractor tire OREOS! Since the whole Oreo wouldn't fit in the mold, I crushed the Oreos and covered them in black chocolate. The boys at the party loved them! 

Even though we had tractors on the farm, I didn't ever drive one, you might say I wasn't the best help around the farm. When it came to chores, I was better at doing dishes. But tractors were included in the desserts.

In the form of tractor topped chocolate cake pops.

And the cupcakes. Let me just say, the cupcake wrappers were the cutest!

Chocolate and of course French Vanilla!

The gang hanging out. I think they all had a really good time! Now that you know a bit of my farm life, maybe you're ready to see a few more desserts. Without a story.

Trail ride truffles. Like the only way I would ride a horse is if someone was leading it. Oops, that was a story.

Now I don't have a story for these.

Other than they were delicious. Homemade animal crackers, or maybe I should call them farm crackers.

Back to the haystacks. This time cookie form.

You've made these, right?

And a few more desserts.

Yummy monster cookies. No story.

And corn bread muffins!

Again, running out of stories.

And because of all the sweets, a take home box was needed.

Just the right size to take home all the farm fresh treats.

But wait...the cake. After searching online forever I found a cake I could try and recreate. But I didn't think it through because I had to deliver the cake to the party.

It was a challenge. I brought extra frosting along to fix all the holes from the bumps along the ride.

The top of the cake was taken off and used for the smash cake.

The cow in the middle was vanilla and the bottom horse was chocolate. So all of the guests had their choice.

Here it is on one of the tables set to hold a few of the farm themed desserts.

It was a trip down memory lane while creating all these farm themed desserts. Did any of you grow up on a farm?

It was farm filled day!


  1. That cake is adorable! You did an amazing job on it and all the treats. I am in love with the pig cookies with the drips of mud. It's so funny to think of you playing on a farm. It is something I never did.

    1. Thank you Beth! So true, very funny to think of me playing on a farm! LOL I have great memories of growing up on the farm, but I also knew I did not want to live on a farm forever...way too much work! ;)

    2. Soooooooo cute! I love this...As I remember, you didn't like playing in the dirt that much! LOL! CHEVRON!

    3. You may be remembering right! LOL Thanks so for stopping by! :)

  2. This truly has to be the cutest FARM birthday party ever! I loved absolutely every detail. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  3. Absolutely love the farm-themed birthday party! The rustic decor and themed activities create a delightful atmosphere for celebrating with family and friends.

  4. The farm-themed 1st birthday cake steals the show! Its intricate design and vibrant colors perfectly complement the party's charming atmosphere.

    1. Thanks so much! The cake was a challenge, but worth it! :)


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