The Partiologist: Cupcake Pies!

Cupcake Pies!

I'm back with more sunflowery delights for you even though you thought the party was over.  I thought the party was over too and then I remembered...another favorite dessert of the birthday girl was Banana Cream Pie.  Another dessert which I have never EVER made or EVER tasted.  I don't really like pudding or banana flavored candy.  I love fresh bananas and fresh bananas baked in anything cakey, just not pudding-y.  So I went on a search to find something to replace the pie.  And it was love at first bite.  This recipe lived up to it's name!
Better-Than-Banana-Cream-Pie Cupcakes

I found this wonderful recipe from 
Here's the link so you can make some too, if you want to that is.
To make things even on the counter, I had to come up with another cream pie cupcake.  This recipe was for a Coconut Cake, I recreated the
Topped them with 50's even though she's only 30!  :)  Just kidding.
Spread The Love!
And to balance it out, I needed something healthy in the middle. 
So I went with Apples. 
And homemade Caramel Dip.
I didn't say completely healthy.  I WILL say completely good!  After another Internet search I found just what I was looking for on and I've got the recipe link to prove it. 
It was a very simple set up.  I covered the counter with brown shipping paper (folded it to fit).  Used burlap across the back wall decorated with cupcake wrappers and sunflowers.  Served the "PIE" in sunflower cupcake wrappers.
And ribbon trim across the front.   Always remember ~
You can take the cupcake out of the pie...
but you can't take the pie out of the cupcake. 
Call Me Cupcake!


  1. May have to try the cupcakes! Thanks for the links to the recipes!!

    1. Oh, you really have to try the Banana Cream Pie one - you'll love it! :)

  2. Ok, I'm coming back to read this post but right now I'm running late for work, eeek. But I HAD to pop by and tell you, YOU"VE WON!!!! I just won the Beautiful Blog Award and I'm passing it on to you :)

  3. How lovely and delicious. I love your creativity!

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment and stopping by my blog!

  4. I love bananas, mostly straight up or in breads and cupcakes. Do like pudding but not a big fan of cream pies, banana or otherwise. So, these banana cream pie cupcakes are looking mighty good to me. Actually, everything looks mighty good, including your decorated counter. That caramel apple dip sounds fabulous.

    1. Oh yes, that caramel apple dip was so delicious and it turned out just right. Most of the time when I want it goey it gets too stiff and when I want it stiff, it's all goey! The counter was pretty simple, but it worked! :)

  5. I think I need to start a file just for "Partiologist" stuff. You are the best!!!!


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