The Partiologist: Peaches & Dreams!

Peaches & Dreams!

In the land of peaches and dreams my wish was to create some kind of fruit smoothie.  Well, I didn't really create it, I just made it!  And served it up on my two tiered metal stand which I decorated with ribbon and sunflowers.

Peaches and Dreams

And small bags of Popcorn/Pretzel Crunch served below.
All of the sunflowers were clipped off the vine which I used for the invitations.  This vine was COVERED in sunflowers!  I found the candle stamp at Michael's in the $1.00 bin.  I just LOVE a bargain!
The glasses were rimmed in fall colored dragees and polka dot straws completed the look.  (Sounds kind of like a fashion show!)
And if you wish you could make it too- your wish is granted! 
Here's the Recipe from Taste of Home~
No recipe for the Crunch.  Why?  Well, because the recipe was called "Chewy Caramel Popcorn and Pretzel Bars".  Lets just say these were NOT chewy and they were NOT bars.  One thing I learned years ago in New Orleans while I attended a cooking demo was, what to do if something doesn't turn out as planned.  You just CHANGE THE NAME! 

After deciding to host this party, I asked the birthday girl her favorite dessert. Much to my surprise, one that she mentioned was a Fruit Cobbler. Not a Crisp. Not a Crumble. Not a Strudel.  I double checked, and sure enough she said a Cobbler. And I have never made a Cobbler. Nor have I ever fixed any shoes, oh wait...wrong type of cobbler. Anyway, after much research online to find a good recipe, and a stop at the peach stand for fresh peaches, I went for this...
Peach Cobbler~
I was very happy with the way it turned out and even took a few two photos to go along with the recipe.


Whew, so happy when that turned out. WAIT...Now that I think about it, my Peach Cobbler looks more like a Peach Crisp. Oh no, what should I do. Did more research and came up with yet another recipe. Super simple recipe. And while it was so simple, I didn't snap one photo. 

Serving the cobbler warm out of the oven, I knew it would need a couple of dips of ice cream. I really don't like to mess with dipping ice cream during a this is something I do when ever I serve Ice Cream~
Scoop out several mounds of ice cream - lay it on a plate and freeze.
After the ice cream is frozen, fill up the serving bowl you will be using and cover tightly with saran wrap, put back in the freezer until needed!
Pass it around the table and every one can take out a scoop or two...or three...or...
Another Sunflower treat~

Candy Melt Covered Sunflower Oreo Cookies!
Made in a chocolate mold - Instructions HERE
Can't forget the Sunflower Treat Bag!
Filled with a Sunflower topped popcorn bar!
Piped on with melted candy melts and sprinkled with sanding sugar!
I hope I have given you a few bunch of ideas for YOUR Sunflower Party!
Off to Peaches and Dream Land!


  1. Every detail of your sunflower party is just perfect. All of the treats, food, drinks, and party good you create are just amazing. The birthday girl must have felt so special sitting at your table. It's all so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Beth, I just realized I left out one a few more treats to come! :)

  2. but...but...all of these belongs to the same sunflower party????? you're simply amazing...You always surprise me. You're...fantastic!!

    1. Aw, and you're...the SWEETEST! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Peach smoothies and cobbler were the perfect things to make for this amazing sunflower party. Your ideas never stop coming to you and your execution of them is remarkable.

    1. I'm so glad I tried to make the cobbler, I found out that I love it! And using Fresh peaches (I forgot to mention that I didn't peel them) and blueberries were the best!

  4. It all looks so delicious! The peach cobbler looks absolutely wonderful! I may have to give that one a try:) You have such fun ideas! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Fantastic!! I love how you scoop out the ice cream before everyone arrives! BRILLIANT!!!!

    1. I started scooping out ice cream before parties when my kids were little so I didn't have to stand and scoop ice cream while every one else was eating cake... :)

  6. I am SO making the cobbler!!! Great ideas, and thanks for scattering your bits of humor throughout your posts. You crack me up!!!


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