The Partiologist: Sunflower Stemware!

Sunflower Stemware!

My decor doesn't stop with the dining table, I decided to decorate the stemware too.  Taking a napkin, twine and sparkling sugar I came up with a very, very BRIGHT idea.

Sunflower Stemware

Effective, Efficient, 'En'expensive and Easy!  The Four E's.
I used this flower template I found on Martha Stewart
I traced the flower template on the napkin
Cut each napkin (stacked a couple together)
Unfolded and placed a wine glass in the center
Tied it up with twine
Dipped the rim in Karo Syrup and then Yellow Sparkling Sugar
The Four E's don't you think?
You might just want to make these, the next set of stemware I'll show you may take a little more time!!
Ready to be filled!
The back drop was just as easy~
Wrapped an artist canvas with twine, added cardboard numbers 50 (also wrapped with burlap) and topped with a Sunflower. 

You may remember I was able to take a little vacation to California. While we were there I would like to say that we visited the Ocean Institute. I can't say that because it was not open to the public during our stay, however, the gift shop was open and I'm pretty sure that was almost the same. While at the gift shop I saw some beautiful sunflower painted stemware. In my mind I thought, hey I could make those for my Sunflower party. Being the artist I'm not, I gathered up some paint and brushes and went to work. Really it wasn't too hard, they're not as pretty as the ones at the gift shop, but the price was waaaay prettier! Take a look~
Here they are in process of becoming works of art! ;)
Flipped the glasses upside down
Purchased green and gold & brown paint
Started by painting gold dots on the bottom of glass
Covered the dots with brown paint
Then covered the brown paint with gold and brushed it on to look like petals - from the base toward the rim.
Finished it off with the green stem

This was not a permanent paint for the stemware.  After the party, I soaked the glasses and the paint peeled right off.  Now they're ready for the next party!

Ready for a close up?

Simple background -
Paper Sunflowers from Hobby Lobby.
Burlap tied around an artist canvas.
At my parties - every hour is happy!



  1. I adore your sunflower stemware made out of the napkins. It is simple yet so effective. What a *pop* it gives the glasses and tied in the twine is the perfect touch. Your 50 burlap piece is awesome and don't even say you are not a painter!!! You just painted on stemware and they look fabulous.

    1. My mom is a wonderful artist and I think she was happy that I tried! :) Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Both very creative. I can't believe you painted those stemware they turned out just beautiful. The big question is what did you fill them with. LOVE LOVE LOVE the big 50 in the back ground. Might be my favorite thing so far. from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. The guests had their choice of either sparkling wine or sparkling water!

  3. I LOVE how you just go beyond 'doing it up right' to 'out of this world fabulous'!!You always push the envelope in all your parties and its magnifique!!!Love both sunflower glasses. With the paper and painted. Kudos to a job well done!!!

    1. I think the birthday girl and guests really enjoyed all the "extra" I put into the party! Thanks for the sweet comments!

  4. They are both so fun! The painted ones are my favorite! They are just beautiful:) What a great idea and then to be able to soak off the paint is wonderful. Thanks!

    1. Oh Maxwell - you're always so kind with your comments and I appreciate it! :)

    2. Another great party Kim.....when is a book coming?
      Thank you for the directions in painting...I'd love to try it some day.
      You didn't say what kind of paint to buy...could you share what you used?
      I'm sure there are many who would like to try it.
      Just FABULOUS!

    3. Thanks! I picked up the paint in the sale section at Michaels. It was acrylic at .50 a bottle!

  5. As long as you're around, Michael's is going to stay in business!! I love the wrapped stemware, and you did an amazing job on the painted stemware. You definitely ARE an artist!!!


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