The Partiologist: Sunflower Island!

Sunflower Island!

You know if you give me a theme, I can go on and on creating something out of nothing.  Today I'm going to show you the last two treats on Sunflower Island.  This creation could possibly be the best combination since chocolate fell down the stairs and landed in peanut butter.

Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seed Brownie Pops!

I added the tag~
And then the Brownie Bites~
Make your favorite brownies, scoop them into balls, dip in chocolate and then in the sunflower seeds.  Package them up to give away even though you won't want to share. 
 When you hear Sunflower Birthday Truffles, you're probably not thinking what I was thinking. Since I wasn't planning to make a birthday cake, I still wanted to have candles. And Sunflowers. So I came up with an idea to incorporate both and eneded up with Sunflower Birthday Peanut Butter Truffles. 

Happy Birthday Kathi!

Here's the How To~

Rolled and mixed fondant to get a sunflower yellow color
Cut Sunflowers out of yellow fondant
Rolled chocolate fondant and cut small flowers to fit in the center of the yellow flower
Using a round piping tip, I made sure the candle would fit through and cut a hole in the chocolate flower
Stacked the two together and let dry in flower formers (paint pallets)

Ready to be served~

Welcome to Sunflower Island!
Aerial View~
I hope you enjoyed your stay!

 Sunflower Island Girl!


  1. Sunflowers are such happy flowers, and this post made me smile!

  2. I love the sunflower seed brownie pops. They sound delish! Your display looks wonderful!

  3. Just when I though Sunflowers couldn't get any better you go and dip them in chocolate and cover them in sunflower seeds! You are killing me with your creativity! LOVE!!!

    1. Thanks Linky! You've got to try this combo - I ate one every day for a week after the party!

  4. what an uplifting post! happy monday!!

  5. You make me dizzy with all your fabulous baking and treat ideas and your amazingly creative presentation ideas. I adore your tin ware shown here.

    1. I get dizzy myself tossing and turning at night thinking of random ideas! :) And the tin ware I used was from a super duper sale! A local houseware store was moving locations and I was able to grab them at their moving sale!

  6. Book a ticket now to Sunflower island :) Such cute creative fun ideas.


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