The Partiologist: Truffle Bouquet!

Truffle Bouquet!

While planning the Sunflower party, I decided to make a quick trip to the dollar store.  I love to find something for a dollar and make it into "party stuff".   Without further explanation, here is my dollar store creation -
A Sunflower Truffle Bouquet!

Yep, those little centers are chocolate covered white cake pops!
Simple to make, sorta.
 Purchased two stems of Sunflowers (6 Sunflowers on each stem).
 Took them apart and pulled off the Sunflower.
Removed the center piece.
Glued the Sunflower back on the leaf.
Purchased some floral wire.
Took one piece of wire for each stem and folded the wire in half and hooked the wire around the leaf.
Twisted the wire around the stem to add support for the truffle.
Used a galvanized cake stand and turned it upside down and filled with floral Styrofoam.
Poked each stem in the foam.
Now it's time to make the Truffles!
Using your favorite cake ball recipe form a dozen round cake balls.
Lay on wax paper and freeze til firm.
Dip in Chocolate and sprinkle with brown sanding sugar.
Place on saran wrap.
Purchase mini brown candy cups.
Poke a little hole in the bottom of each cup so the stem can poke into the truffle.
I guess I'm a gardener after all!  :)
Please don't Pick the Sunflowers!


  1. Two of my favorite things combined into one! Can't get much better than that! :)

    1. Sunflowers are the b-day girls favorite too and I didn't even know it!

  2. These are so cool! Only you would come up with such a unique idea! They are so fun! Thanks!

  3. Replies
    1. Great tasting, but they might not last as long as real flowers! :)

  4. I love sunflowers. Sunflowers with cake pop centers are the best and you are brilliant for coming up with these.

  5. Wow, this makes a beautiful presentation!

  6. Perfect! Such a cute idea. I'll take a bunch please :)


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