The Partiologist: Sunflower Themed Party!

Sunflower Themed Party!

With school now in session, I'm hoping that you've signed up for the next class - A Sunflower Birthday Party!  I'll start with the invitation and a couple other easy ideas.

DIY Sunflower Invitation

Since I don't listen to my own advice and buy invitations, I made them...again.
And if you don't listen to my advice either ...
Here's how you can make some too!
Started with a sunflower garland
Note cards, envelopes and ribbon
Printed the outside and inside of invitation (yes, one at a time)
Cut the sunflowers off the vine (SAVE the remaining sunflowers!!)
Hot glued the edge of the ribbon on the card
Layered the ribbon and hot glued the end
Hot glued the sunflower where the ribbons meet

Next I made my return address label~
Did this with my Avery Labels.  I wish they would pay me to promote them.  But they don't.  I just thought they would make a cute return address labels for the back of the card.  Be sure and take the invites to the post office and have them hand canceled (because of the lump from the flower).  Also, they will need extra postage.
December 24th is her actual birthday and I knew no one could celebrate on that date, so I moved it to August.  Only I wanted her to be able to celebrate with all of her friends on the 24th of December, I came up with this idea~
I made some birthday tags for each guest to write a personal birthday wish.
After each guest wrote their birthday wish, I sealed them in a pretty bag for her to open the morning of her birthday.
I also added a cute sunflower stir stick to the glasses.
 (I first I stuck them into a lemon wedge)
Made with some of the sunflowers off the vine, cupcake papers and popsicle sticks.
Don't go far, I've got sunflower's blooming all over the place!! 
The Faux Gardener!


  1. Sunflowers are my favorite flower!

    1. Then you will love all the sunflower treats I've made!

  2. you are the sweetest friend ever, opening those notes on her birthday will be so touching for her! may even bring tears to her eyes!

  3. The invitations are adorable as are the sunflowers stir sticks! I'm going to love watching this party theme progress.

    1. Oh Paula, I can't wait to show everything I came up with. I get so excited, but I'll have to pace myself!

  4. The invitations are beautiful. Good thing you don't listen to your own advice :) Darn those Avery people for not giving you a little something. I mean, free labels would be fab :)

  5. Im new at DIY crafts, I love this invitation, im having a sunflower themed birthday party (ode to the days where You Are MY Sunshine was her jam lol) and I would love to make these invitations. What kind of paper is that? and where did you get it? I live in Hawaii, but we have a lot of craft stores, i was just wondering if it's something I can easily find, sadly Hawaii doesn't have as many awesome finds as the mainland lol

    1. So happy you love the invitations. The paper I used came in a pack of 25 cards and 25 envelopes. They were a brown (kraft color) card stock weight. I got them at Hobby Lobby (you might be able to find them online). Good Luck!

    2. awesome thank you! im def going to look them up right now, I love the rustic feel of it! Thanks for the inspirtation! Invitations I can cross off my checklist now =)


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