The Partiologist: Cobweb Krispies!

Cobweb Krispies!

If you think I'm going to get through Halloween without a Rice Krispie Treat...
You better think again.  Not knowing exactly what I would make, I knew it would come to me and it did. 

Cobweb Krispies

Cobweb Krispies~
Here's the how to~
Grab your Jet Puffed Marshmallows & Rice Krispies
And Follow This Recipe
 Rice Krispie Treats
Make Rice Krispie Bars in greased 8 x 8 pan
Flip out and cut into six thick rectangles
Cut those six rectangles into twelve
Insert Popsicle Stick and slip into bag
Wrap cobweb around the outside of the bag
Tie with ribbon
Cut ring part off and hot glue spider to cobweb
(Use store bought Krispie Treats for school parties)
Watch Out...
They're Erie-Sistible!


  1. I LOVE how you made these! The package is brilliant! Putting the cobweb on the outside is PERFECT!!

  2. Adorable! If I hadn't already bought and bagged all of our Halloween candy, I would totally give this out to our trick-or-treaters - we have a spider theme for our Halloween decorations! Pinning this for maybe next year :)

  3. another adorable idea from the partiologist. these also would be great for a spider themed class party. from,twobeautifulgirls

  4. Soooooo Cute! What a fun idea!


  5. So very creative and cute! Love it!!

  6. May I come trick or treating at your house? What are you giving out? So many choices! HA! Cheeron.......


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