The Partiologist: Ghostess With The Mostess!

Ghostess With The Mostess!

Something the neighborhood!

Fondant Covered Cake Pops...

and Ghost Cocoa

And they're the Sweet Chocolaty kind too.
Nothing could be sweeter than a ghost covering a jar of Cocoa topped with Mini Marshmallows!  (Except maybe drinking it).
Again, I used empty Starbcks bottles, glued a Styrofoam ball to the lid and covered with a white cloth I had on hand.  A white napkin could also be used!  Then I filled them with homemade hot chocolate and mini marshmallows.

And a Spook-Tacular Tag!

You can also make them in individual pretzel bags!

And top them with the Cutest, Teeniest, Tiniest, Minniest, Jet Puffed Mallow Bits!



3 1/2 cups sugar

2 1/4 cups cocoa

1 tablespoon table salt
Whole milk for serving
1.      In a large bowl, combine sugar, cocoa, and salt, and whisk to combine well. Store the mixture in an airtight container.

2.      For individual servings, pour 1 cup whole milk into a microwave-safe mug, and microwave on high just until hot. Add 2 tablespoons of cocoa mix, and stir to dissolve. For a larger batch of cocoa, warm the milk in a saucepan set over medium-low heat, taking care not to let the milk boil; as it warms, stir in 2 tablespoons of mix for each cup of milk.
(I don't use as much salt!)

After making the cocoa, I caught these little ghouls sneaking around the corner...

Boo-Ti-Licious Cake Pops!

They've been popping up all over cyberspace this Halloween!

Easy Peasy

Bake your little cake pops in the Wilton Brownie Pop Pan.

I used the whole egg, that's why they're yellow.

First spray the pan with Bakers Joy.

Pop them out after baking.  

Top the little pop with frosting going around in a circular motion.

Insert stick and place in some kind of pop holder (no photo)

Roll out colored fondant very thin and cut with round cookie cutter.

Cut little eyes out of black fondant.

Tie little bows for their ghostly hair. 

Don't worry if you make a Boo Boo!

I Only Spook When Spooken Too!


  1. Yay for ghosts galore! Love the hot chocolate ghost - great gift for neighbors and friends for Halloween :)

  2. It's SO SO cold here this morning that the hot chocolate is really appealing to me. Thanks for the cute printables. Love your little ghosties too. Darling absolutely darling!! N.

  3. The ghouls with their bright colors and matching bows are so sweet. Pinned!

  4. Absolutely love those little girlie ghosts! The bows are perfect!

  5. Love the Ghostly Hot Chocolate mix. A great teacher treat. from,twobeautifulgirls

  6. I agree, those bows adds the perfect touch!

  7. Love ALL of your ghostly creation!!!

  8. Just tonight I was tearing my kitchen apart looking for the marshmallow bits that I bought, but never found them...arrrrgh! I need to get more organized:) Your goodies are all so fun! The ghouls are SO CUTE! Love their gingham ribbons.


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