The Partiologist: A Cool Peppermint Gift!

A Cool Peppermint Gift!

You might be thinking that there are no more Peppermint ideas in my mind.  Maybe you're wishing there were no more peppermint ideas in my mind, but there are.  And I'm going to share them with you.  You can fulfill a big wish at a small price by giving these two gifts...
Peppermint Sundaes~
Roaming around Hobby Lobby and I do mean roam, I came across this acrylic ice cream scoop.

It had a removable cap and I got to thinking, what if I filled it with crushed peppermint and made it into a gift??
I filled three small jars with Peanuts, Peppermint Hot Fudge and Peppermint M & M's.
The candy cane tins are from the Dollar Store.
Peppermint Hot Fudge Recipe from Martha~

Did I mention I found Candy Cane tins in two sizes? (Dollar Store)  
In the next tin - the smaller of the two, I made a Hot gift.  
After eating the Peppermint Ice Cream, I thought you might need something hot. 
Hot Chocolate~
More jars from Joann's, this time filled with Kraft Mini Marshmallows and Home Made Cocoa - recipe from Martha.
Add a small bag of Candy Canes and cocoa directions and it's ready to go.
And stack it together for the perfect Icy Hot Christmas Gift!
P.S.  Do you have room for one more Peppermint Treat?  I hope so - Peppermint Fudge Truffles!
Instead of slicing the fudge in squares, I scooped them into balls with my cookie scoop added more crushed peppermint on top.  
After placing the fudge in mini cupcake wraps (Dollar Store) I packaged them in a clear candy box, tied with ribbon and candy canes.
Are you on Board the Candy Cane Train?  It will soon be departing!
Seasons Treatings!


  1. These are such a wonderful and easy gift. Thanks for always sharing your ideas.

  2. Your shopping trip sure paid off. You come up with the most clever ideas. I want to run out to Hobby Lobby to find some of those scoops. What fun!


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