The Partiologist: Bouquet of Kisses!

Bouquet of Kisses!

Today, it's all about Kisses.  Chocolate Kisses.  Rice Krispie Kisses.  Getting Kisses.  When I envisioned these Rice Krispie Kisses in my mind, I couldn't stop thinking about them until they were finished.  I just didn't know if it would worked!

Rice Krispie Kisses

Not only did it work, it was way easier than I thought.

Here's How~
I think almost everyone has a funnel.  If not, run as fast as you can to get one. 
Spray your funnel with butter spray to prevent the krispies from sticking.  Also spray your hand. 
After mixing up the Rice Krispie recipe, grab a glob and press into your funnel, turn it over and pop it out.  Really, that simple. 
Continue making the funnel shaped krispies until you run out.
Now you need to grab your aluminum foil and pull out enough to make a square. 
Tear if off and place shiny side down. 
First wrap your krispie in plastic wrap, place on foil, add Kisses tag under the edge. 
Wrap foil up around the krispie until all the krispie is covered.  Pinch the foil at the top and your finished.
Now how easy was that???
Okay, just for fun I googled Rice Krispie Kisses this morning...there are TONS of them. 

Wow, I thought this was the greatest idea ever...looks like so did a lot of others!

On my little jaunt to the Dollar Store, these roses were waiting outside the door. 

Waiting for me to grab a bunch. 

After I grabbed them I went home, added chocolate and turned them into a bouquet.

(I had to find something to do with all the leftover kisses!)
Hershey Kiss Rose Bouquet~

Wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon or...

Display in a vase with red & silver paper shred. 
A few photos along the way~
Hot glue the bottom of two kisses and then hot glue each set in the center of the rose. 
For only a couple of dollars you have a Sweet Heart of a Deal!
 You'll be sure to land a Kiss if you give these to your Valentine!
What could be better than eating a chocolate covered strawberry?
Making them?

Giving them perhaps? 

 I'd probably go with eating them, but just in case you want to make and give them, here's how~

Wash and dry strawberries with napkin.

Get parchment paper ready.

Melt chocolate and get your coatings ready!

Dip in chocolate first and then in anything else your little heart desires.
Warm Wishes & Candy Kisses!


  1. OMG, so cute! I love the big kiss idea!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer - they really were one big kiss! :)

  2. So many fun ideas, I love them all! Thanks for the printable too!

  3. I'd love a box full of all of these treats! How smart of you to use a funnel to make the rice krispie kisses!

    1. Using the funnel made them soooo simple to make! Plus they all ended up the same size.

  4. I love the kisses, and the strawberries are "to die for"!!!!!

    1. Thanks Tricia - I have to say the strawberries were yummy. I might have eaten a few...

  5. Everything looks amazing and I think the best part of the chocolate covered strawberries is EATING them!! Thanks for the Valentine's Kisses! (((Smooch))))

    1. For sure, the strawberries have to be a fav of mine! xo xo

  6. I'd love to try every one of those strawberries! I love the kisses and the tag on the big one is so cute!

  7. The strawberries make such a festive-looking gift box!

  8. So cute! Will have to try these next year! Hope you had a wonderful Valentiine's Day! Thanks for sharing with us at the Monday Funday Link Party!

    Take care,


    1. Thanks Ladies! I think it's time I hop back over to Monday Funday! :)

  9. I've been seeing the big Kisses a lot lately, but your simple description of how to make them is wonderful. You could get funnels in a variety of sizes - Mom and Baby kisses. For various holidays when you want to give a Kiss - you could use narrow holiday themed ribbon.

    Thanks - you made this so easy and do-able.

    Tavette - S. Fla.

    1. Thank you so much Tavette! I love the mom and baby kiss idea - so cute!


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