The Partiologist: Blast from the Past!

Blast from the Past!

A Super Duper talented blogging friend of mine, Beth of HUNGRY HAPPENINGS, asked if I would like to share on some of my favorite projects on her blog.  Why of course, I would be thrilled!  So I am having a 'blast' looking through my posts 'from the past'!
I have to say I am having a hard time narrowing it down, but here goes~
To view more of the post, click on the caption above each photo.
This party was given for the most unusual birthday girls ever. 
You'll have to click on the link to find out who it was for!!
With Cinco De Mayo around the corner,
it's the perfect time to check out this party!

For dessert I made a Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake~

No need to worry about the weather at my Lady Bug Picnic~it was indoors!

The perfect dessert for a picnic!

Let's Get Buzzed was the theme for this spot in my Garden Party!

So simple, but made an impact~

And now my yacht party minus the yacht - I decided it was time to set sail...

After summer winds down, I still have energy to host a Christmas Dinner Party.  This is just ONE of the MANY Christmas Parties I've hosted!

Now it's time to celebrate a little Love~There is a ton going on at the Conversation Heart Party starting with these~


Instead of going away on Spring Break, I had a blast making Beach Themed Treats and one of my favorite was the Edible Sea Glass. 

Perfect DIY party favor!

All packaged up~

And the little Mermaid Cakes

You probably know I'm also a cookie decorator.
These are some of my favorites~

Can you hear the music?  It's time for the Circus...

It's a Rice Krispie Clown!

There were so many highlights from this party, I can't narrow it down...but I have to show you the Cake I made~

Oh, and the Sno Cone Cupcakes...

Enjoying National Cherry Month!

And last but certainly not least...

I don't want to wear out my welcome, so I better end now.
Thank you so much for taking the time to view a few of my favorites! I would love to have you party along with me at Tell me Beth sent you!  And speaking of Beth, I am sending her a HUGE thank you HUG for letting me share all of my "stuff" on her fabulous blog!
 "Life Is Short...Party Accordingly!"


  1. What a treat to see all of these fabulous parties on one page! Your ladybug picnic was one of my favourites. Cinco de Mayo set up was amazing and I'll never get over how lovely and stunning your cherry cookies are.

    1. Thank you so much Paula - I'm glad you enjoyed the recap! :)

  2. So fun to see so many of you FABULOUS food and tables in one post. Loved looking at it all again!! You are such a TALENTED gal and I love your blog. So glad I get your emails. They are the first thing I go to when they come up. Congrats too on your doing your thing over at Hungry Happenings. She's another fantastic creative gal like yourself. I love her blogs too and go there as soon as I get her emails too. So glad she is featuring you. You are both DYNAMATITE!!!

    1. Oh Nann, you're so sweet, thanks for being such a supportive follower of our blogs! :)

  3. Your blog is... (sighs)... wonderful!

  4. Such fun to see all these party sets! And your cakes are fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much - cakes are soooo hard, I admire everyone who has a cake a business!

  5. It was like a trip down memory lane for me too seeing all these posts. So full of colour and fun I can picture myself at your parties. Makes me want to throw some bigger parties again.

    1. Thanks Tiffany - time to get partying again!! :)

  6. I love, love, love what you do :-) So pretty! Thanks for sharing!


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