The Partiologist: Bumble Bee Themed Dessert Table!

Bumble Bee Themed Dessert Table!

Of course the best part of the party is when I get to put it all together.  It was a simple display because in just a few weeks another party would be happening.  So with a few added stripes, the Bumblebee Dessert Table was created. 
Bumble Bee Themed Dessert Table!
I started with a yellow tablecloth and added three thick black ribbons to the table.  On one side the desserts and the other, savory food was served.
Each bee themed treat was ready to fly.

Remember all the desserts?

Here's a little recap with a link to their closeup.

Let's start with the Invitation.

Now, on to the desserts!

The Bee Topped Cupcakes...Front and center.

This is my almost favorite.  The Honeycomb Cake.

Next the Chocolate Truffle Topped Honeycomb.

These didn't get their close up...but they were chocolate mint marshmallows dipped in chocolate and drizzled.  Mint to Bee Marshmallows!

Got to LOVE the Bee Themed Cake Pops!

Only a bee keeper would appreciate the Honeycomb Candy.  Or my sister, she loved it.

The Honeycomb Cookies were flying off the platter.

And all dessert tables still have a Chocolate Covered Oreo, right?

And Rice Krispie Treats will be found in the most unusual ways at my parties!

Poor little lemon honeycomb cake, this is it's only photo.  I can tell you it was yummy and drizzled with a lemon syrup.

Also served was the Bumble Bee Cornbread.

Can't decide my favorite favor...The little Jar of Honey

Or the Bee Themed Favor Box filled with Bit 'O Honey candy.

Over on the sofa table was the Jell-O Parfait.

And Gramma Gigi's Granola.

We all had so much fun that evening, from beginning to end.  Such a sweet celebration!

What would you take first?
It was an Un-BEE-lievable Party!


  1. Un-bee-lievably amazing as always! Everything tied together to bee-autifully.

    1. Aww, thank you so much, I loved how everything all came together!

  2. Bee-autiful!!!! No detail was missed and everything looked amazing!!! LOVE the cake-pops, they made me smile!!

    1. Who knew there could BEE so many ideas for the party! Happy to put a smile on your face, thank you! :)


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