The Partiologist: Frankenstein Wedding Portrait Cake Pops!

Frankenstein Wedding Portrait Cake Pops!

My last post was about cookies on a stick and today it's cake on a stick.  Also known as
"Cake Pops".  And not your expected cake pops. Yes, it's cake, on a stick only it's square.  And you could probably hang them on your wall if they weren't on a stick.  Why?  Because  they are wedding portraits of Frank and his Bride.

Frank N Bride

So what do you think?  Hang them or eat them?
The frames sparkle in black~

Want to make your own collection to hang?
Here's how~
Start by making a frame from black fondant.
The mold I used is from Martha Stewart.
After pressing the fondant into the mold, remove the excess fondant with a spatula.
Remove fondant frame from mold.
Sprinkle with edible glitter.
Now we need to make the photo mat.
Roll out white fondant and use an impression mat (any design).
Find a cutter that will fit behind the frame and cut out the mat.
I added a dusting of grey shimmer dust to the mat with a dry paint brush.
Time for the photo...
I made a royal icing transfer.  Yes. Royal Icing.
All I did, was make my RI, find a photo of Frank and his Bride and piped the silhouette.
(Add white royal icing detail to the silhouettes)
Let them dry overnight and they'll be ready to peel off.
Now, on to the cake pop~
Use the same square cutter that you used to cut your "mat".
Press your cake pop mixture into the square and push out.
Make two squares.
Now here's a little something new to me - CANDIQUIK
It melts easily and quickly, has a nice thin coating, and tastes wonderful!
CandiQuik comes in Chocolate and Vanilla.  I needed black.  No problem.
I started with the chocolate and added black candy coloring until I got a nice black candy coating.
CandiQuik comes with it's own melting tray or you can melt it in a jar like I did.   
Then I dipped both my square cake pops in the CANDIQUIK and placed the photo mat on the melted chocolate.
Now let's put the pop together!
Pipe a bit of royal icing down the sides of the mat and a dot in the center.
Position your frame on the mat.
Add the silhouette to the inside of the frame.
Now they're ready for display...
Photo Op Cake Pop!
Say Cheese!


  1. Ha! Cute idea. Obviously Martha Stewart has been to your blog :)

    1. Thanks Paula - Martha needs to visit my blog and see what an expert I am! LOL

  2. Those fondant frames are perfection! I was disappointed in Martha's comments about bloggers :(

  3. WOW! These are little works of art that should be hanging on our wall! Seriously cute!! Maybe next year they will have a little Frankenstein to add to the collection ;)

    1. Ha ha ha - so funny, never thought about a little Frank for next year! When making the tutorial, I decided that it would be best just to send them over to you for EXPERT advice on RI transfers! :)

  4. Okay, how awesome are these!!? Original & cute!!! You should enter them in a Halloween Cake Pop contest (Kc Bakes?!), haha. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Sarah-what a great idea to enter them in the KC Bakes contest!! :)

  5. These are like little works of art!! So cute! Almost don't wanna eat them, but I bet they taste delicious too :)

    1. That's the thing - they do taste pretty delicious! Thanks!

  6. It's a good thing ... from an expert!!! Such an original idea ... love it :)

  7. Totally original idea, especially for a cake pop. Love it and pinning.

    1. Who said cake pops can't be square, right? It's hip to be square!

  8. I would like to live in your head for one day just to see all the images that must go through your brain. But, only for a day! I would be totally worn out! You are too creative for words! :)


    1. It would be dangerous to live in my head - you could be injured from all the marbles rolling around! LOL

  9. Always such great ideas!


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