The Partiologist: Glittered Champagne Flutes!

Glittered Champagne Flutes!

However you plan to celebrate the new year, Gold or Bright, I've got you covered. In this little corner I served chocolate truffles and gingerbread cupcakes along side my golden champagne flutes.  The flutes were topped with more edible glitter and sanding sugar. 
Here they are displayed on a very sparkly background~
Glittered Champagne Flutes

The champagne flutes were painted with glitter glue on the outside of the glass.


I used a small paint sponge and sparkly gold glitter glue.
Painted on the outside of the glass.
After they dried, I dipped the rim in Karo Syrup
and then in sugar along with edible gold glitter.
Ready to ring in the new year!
A few other items added to the sparkliness were...
Fa La La Fabulous Chocolate Truffles and...

Gingerbread Cupcakes with Maple Frosting in golden snowflake wrappers and topped with...
A Golden sleigh bell!
I hope this little corner Jingles your Bells!
It's the final Count Down... 
Let sleigh bells ring in your New Year!
However You Celebrate...
Have a Happy Happy!
Or a few other Sparkly & Bright ideas for the New Year...


  1. Love this - especially the sleigh bell!

  2. So many great ideas for either Christmas or New Year's.

    1. With the theme being gold, I too thought it would be perfect for New Years!

  3. You really did think of everything down to the last detail. So beautiful. from,twobeautifulgirls


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