The Partiologist: Rice Krispie Christmas Tree!

Rice Krispie Christmas Tree!

Curtain Call...the party's not over yet!

Once in a while something doesn't go as planned (okay, it happens more than once in a while). This was one of those times and I just had to make the best of it.  I wanted a beautiful tiered Christmas Tree Cake.  I'll admit that once I finished, I really liked how it turned out, however, it couldn't have been further from what I had drawn.

The Merry Krispmas Christmas Tree!

I formed all the layers in 4", 6", 8" and 10" cake pans. 

I used a cone shaped paper cup for the top.
After pressing in the round cake pan, I removed the Krispies and molded them into a point and then pressed the point flat and stacked them all on top of each other.

So far, so good I thought until I got out the fondant.  Umm, that didn't work, so I made fondant holly leaves by pressing a vein design into the fondant and then using a teardrop cookie cutter to cut out each leaf.  Different sizes for each layer. 

I'm pretty sure I made at least five gazillion leaves.

Ready to's party time!

Almost forgot another little corner...
This was the spot for sleigh ride snacks...
The push pops were filled with frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls. 
"Take & Bake Chocolate Chip Party Pops"

Easy Appetizer...

I hope you were inspired and even found a few ideas to use for ANY party!

My golden themed Christmas party has now come to an end.

Joy to the World!


  1. I seriously adore that tree! Gorgeous, Kim! :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer, at least I liked the way it turned out in the end!

  2. Your tree looks beautiful. Sometimes great things come when we hit roadblocks in our designs. The push up pops with cookie dough, is genius.

    1. You're right, sometimes when my plan a doesn't work - plan b turns out better! :)

  3. The tree turned out beautifully. I certainly did enjoy your gold themed Christmas party. What a gorgeous way to cap off a fabulous year here on The Partiologist!

    1. Thank you Paula - I am so very happy you enjoyed the party! :)

  4. Simply Beautiful!!! I don't know how you wanted it to turn out but I can't image anything much better then this!!! You have out done yourself (again). from, twobeautifulgirls

    1. They way I wanted it to turn out wasn't even possible for me to do! LOL

  5. now this is what i call an encore! i'm sure everyone had to wear their sunglasses at night for this shining party! :>D


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