The Partiologist: Princess Cookies!

Princess Cookies!

There's quite a celebration going on today.  A celebration fit for royalty and by royalty I mean, Callye a/k/a SweetSugarbelle and Georganne a/k/a LilaLoa.  Both of these spectacular cookie decorators a/k/a Cookie Queens have added little princesses to their already royal family.  And to help them celebrate, Hani of Haniela's, Mike of Semisweet and Michelle of MakeMeCakeMe are throwing a virtual baby shower featuring sweet treats for the newest heirs to the cookie decorating throne.
 Princess Cookies

What can one possibly make in honor of their new arrival? 
After much thought I decided the best possible gift I could give them would be a little time.  How?
Let the older siblings decorate their very own princess themed cookies with a...
Princess Cookie Decorating Kit!
Everything needed is inside the box.   

Frosting, Sprinkles and Cookies!

Royal cookies inside a box topped with a tiara and wand.

All the new mom needs to do is snip the end of the decorating bag and the magic begins.   

And you can make a kit for your very own princess.  Here's How:

Round up all your princess themed cutters~

Roll, cut and bake.

After the cookies are baked, let cool.

Make three stacks of cookies and place each stack in bags and top with tulle.

Set aside.

Something to present them in...I chose a photo box.

Paper shred to keep them safe.

Something for all the sprinkles - a little plastic box from Hobby Lobby.

Fill that cute little box with cute little sprinkles fit for a princess.

Hot glue a crown and wand to the top of the box!

Fill three bags with a Wilton decorating tip.

Insert the tip into the bag - DO NOT CUT THE TIP OFF OF THE BAG!

Add your frosting to the bag, fold down the top and seal tight with a rubber band.

The cookies are bagged, now get ready to fill the box.

Fill with royal love.

Topped with a wand and tiara.

 The Royal Celebration Continues...
 Thank you for attending, I hope you enjoyed the Royal Baby Shower as much as I.




  1. This is a great way to feed & entertain your guests all at once, I love this idea Kim.

  2. Wow, Kim! This is such a great idea!!

  3. Such a cute and thoughtful idea for Callye and Georgeanne's kids! I'm sure they are going to love decorating your cookie while their mommy's (hopefully) enjoy a little break ;)

  4. What a perfect and thoughtful gift! Love it, Kim!

  5. What an amazing idea for sure! I love that you included everything needed to decorate the cookies. I am sure any little princess would LOVE to get this as a gift.

  6. You are just so creative!! I love this idea! It's so much fun and has such great potential for a fun activity with for the older kiddos to get excited about a new little one in the house :)

  7. The perfect, fun gift, Kim! I'm really intrigued by the cookie cutter shapes you included. I haven't seen a prince and princess cutter before!

  8. SO cute Kim!!! I love how everything is always "the full package" with you! Cute box, cute idea, cute little sprinkles container! LOVE this whole idea!

  9. Great idea! Everything you need all in one box is awesome.

  10. Hi Kim,
    This is such a wonderful idea for the kids to play at their party.

  11. What a precious cookie decorating pack and such a fabulous idea.


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