The Partiologist: Nail Polish Cake Pops!

Nail Polish Cake Pops!

Feeling the need to be pampered?  I do believe it's time for a party.  A Spa Party.  It doesn't take much for me to get in the mood for a party, in fact, this party was inspired by a box.  In my defense, it was a really cute box with bright neon colors.  And being inspired by the box, I made Nail Polish Cake Pops!

Nail Polish Cake Pops


See?  I told you it was a cute box! 
But who, who should I have this Spa Party for? 
In an instant my six sweet little nieces came to mind.  Then the creativity began.
I know they will love seeing the tags with their names.
Tied to edible bottles of nail polish.
And you won't believe how I made the cake pops. 
It was another design using my snowman cake pop mold. 
After molding the snowman, I shaped the top into a lid for the polish.
Then I dipped the bottom half in Wilton colored candy melts and sprinkled with Wilton sanding sugar. 
Now, there are a few photos missing. 
Like the ones where I rolled out black fondant, cut it in a circle and placed over the top of each lid.
But I did take a photo of adding the stick to the polish. 
I'm not sure why because I think you could have figured that one out!
Ready to be bagged and tagged.

Paint the town...




  1. wow you get your inspiration from everywhere! that's awesome Kim :) these pops are perfect for a spa party!

    1. I really do find a party in almost everything I look at! :)

  2. little girls would just love these for a spa party. Love the colors. from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. I hope they enjoy everything I've made for them! Thanks!

  3. So adorable!!! Almost too cute to eat! I'm sure the girls would enjoy these so much!

    1. Knowing the little girls, I'm pretty sure they will eat them! :)


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