The Partiologist: Spa Party

Spa Party

After seeing all kinds of stuff at the dollar store, I sort of had my own spa party, right then and there, picking out all sorts of fun things.  Like these bottles of nail polish, packaged and personalized for each little girl.  
Spa Party Polish
I told you I found a ton of stuff at the dollar store to use for the spa party.

You've seen how I packaged the polish, now take a look at the nail art, seriously fun!
It's like sprinkles for your nails! 
Now that the nails are looking top notch, I thought they better get their little tootsies flip flop ready.
Can you believe I found these adorable pedi packs at the dollar store?
With the perfect colors?
Oh yes I did.  I left them in the bag they came in and added flip flop name toppers.  
Well, that about takes care of the hands and feet, so what's next?
Lip Service!
Young or old, everyone needs to take care of their lips. 
I do think I have an addiction. 
I have lip balm in every room, in my car, in my purse, on my treadmill...I think you get the picture.  
So of course I included lip gloss and lip stick for the girls.
The perfect combo, lip gloss on one end and lip stick on the other.
What's another perfect combo?  Chocolate and lips!
Obviously, I used a lip mold for the pink chocolate lips~
and when I found this mold, I saw lipstick.
So I made lipstick!
And it's ready to go~
Manicures and pedicures with lip gloss galore, these are the things little girls adore!  It's going to be...


  1. I cant tell you how much I love these ideas, so simple, but so perfect for a spa party! Thanks, Cheryl

    1. Simple and not too expensive either - perfect combo!

  2. oh my goodness only you would see lipstick when you saw the bullet molds! everything is so perfect as usual. i wish you'd write a book already but it would probably be a million pages long because you have so many wonderful ideas..
    no problem works for me! :)

    1. Oh yea, it would be the never ending book of ideas! Thanks so much for thinking my ideas are wonderful! :)

  3. what a difference the packaging makes! everything looks so "polished" :-p
    where did you get the "lipstick" mold? When I look at it, I see bullets and I need a bullet mold haha

    1. Thanks so much! I got the mold at Hobby Lobby, so bite the bullet and go shopping! :)


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