The Partiologist: Surprise Inside Chocolate Bunny!

Surprise Inside Chocolate Bunny!

This post may contain graphic material not suitable for younger viewers.
You wouldn't think that you would hear that coming from me, right?  Well, in order to make the candy filled chocolate bunny, it had to get a little messy.  You'd never know by the finished Candy Filled Chocolate Bunny!

Surprise Inside Chocolate Bunny!

No, this little bunny doesn't look any different then the ones in the store, right? 

It's a wonderful bunny, filled with the candy of your choice. 
I chose Sixlets
Here's the part where you might have any small children leave the room. 
In order to fill the bunny, I had to make a decision involving a knife.
It only hurt for a minute.
I quickly removed the head (okay, I cut off the head) and filled the hollow chocolate bunny with candy Sixlets. 
Almost before the bunny could say ouch, I had him glued back together again with chocolate glue.
Good as new... See?
Even better than new, now it's filled with more candy.
Here's how it all happened~
You know I can't leave anything alone. 
Like, look how cute this bunny is, wrapped in the pretty gold wrapper. 
No, I had to go and do a little crafting. 
After removing the foil off the bunny, it was all I could do to not eat the entire thing.
Now it was time for surgery.  
I took a very sharp knife and cut off the top, opened the sixlets and filled the bunny.  (Again, I really wanted to eat the bunny ears.)
In order to mend the bunny, I melted a little Hershey's chocolate and used a toothpick to add a little chocolate to the rim. 
Immediately placed the bunny head back on.  Let it harden.
I also added royal icing eyes and a ribbon to cover the seam, tied in a pretty little bow.
Just think of all the possibilities!
Well, if you survived the horror of the bunny cHOP, I think this next little chick will make you smile. 
Easter must be coming soon...
Did you know that you can buy gummy chicken feet? 
When I saw them, they looked, well, like chicken feet and I picked them up, then put them back.
And thought about them for a week.  Then I went back to the store and had to buy them because I thought of something to do with them. 

It just cracked open!
Is this not the funniest little chicken/egg cookie you've ever seen?

You have a little time before they completely hatch to make some to serve this Easter.
YUM, right?  Well, let me entertain you with a tutorial. 
 I told you, you can buy gummy chicken feet.
And Wilton Sugar sheets for the shell.
Cut and bake a large enough cookie so that the little chick isn't squished inside the egg.
After it's baked and cooled, you'll need to cut the shell.
Lay the cookie on the frosting sheet and cut around the cookie.
Draw your chicken design on paper.
Peel the shell off the frosting sheet and lay over the design so the markings show through.
Cut out a hole for the eyes and two more for the feet.  The Chicken Feet.
After frosting the cookie with white frosting, lay the egg shell over the top.
Sprinkle the white with yellow sanding sugar.
Cut two black ovals and add large royal icing eyes to the ovals and place in the top opening of the egg.  Add the chicken feet then pipe black frosting around the edges of the holes.
 Which came first...
The Chicken or the Egg?


  1. Your stuffed bunny looks better after *surgery* than he did before and your egg cookies have me pretty eggcited! Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. BAHAHA! i don't know we must be related in another life or something because i took a knife to some easter treats too today! anyway you did a mighty fine job on that bunny Dr. Kim, the surgeon, and as for your cracked egg cookies well this time YOU crack me up! i saw those darn chicken feet at the Dollar Tree and was thinking what can i do with those too but they reminded me of the real chicken feet they sell at the grocery store and i kinda got grossed out! lol leave it to you to make them so yummy and cute! :>D

    1. Thank you for your vote of approval - and I really do think we could be related! :)

  3. I can honestly say that I had seen the "gummy chicken feet" I would never have had one thought of what on earth I would do with them...ever! Sometimes you just plain amaze me.
    My grandson would love that cookie!

    1. Ha ha, so happy I entertained you with the cookie! It really cracked me up too! :)

  4. You always crack me up! I've never seen gummy chicken feet. They are too funny and I love your cookies:)

    1. They were kind of weird because they looked so real. When I ate one, I couldn't look at it - LOL

  5. This has to be one of my very favorite posts! Too funny!!!! HAPPY EASTER!!!



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