The Partiologist: DIY Chocolate Favors!

DIY Chocolate Favors!

 Wait 'til you see what I've done with a few chocolate treats provided by Sweet Works...I think you're going to like them.  Now you can be the sharpest tool in the shed!

Chocolate Tools!

And so simple to make with the already made chocolate tools by Sweetworks.  I just added the colored fondant to the handles just like real tools.  Would you believe me if I told you I had a tool box?  Yep, I use the hammer and nails all the time to pound holes in the wall for hanging my party stuff.  (I can tell you cuz the hubby doesn't read the blog)

They're so cute, I can't stop looking at them.  Okay, enough admiration.

(Contrary to popular belief, I may be the sharpest tool in the shed!)

Here's how I made them~

Started with the Milk Chocolate Tool Kit from Niagara Chocolates and the perfect size box from BRP Box Shop.

Roll out colored fondant for the handles.

Here's the trick - make sure the fondant is super soft and fresh!

After rolling out a thin piece of red fondant, I covered the bottom of the screwdriver and pressed the fondant into the mold of the chocolate handle and trimmed about 1/4" around. 

Then I tucked the excess fondant under the tool. 

Same for the saw - after laying the blue fondant on the saw handle, I cut a diagonal to fit and then pushed the fondant into the mold of the chocolate. 

I used the ball tool from the Wilton fondant Tool set to press the design. 

Continue making the rest of the tools. 

After wrapping the hammer with the yellow fondant, I used a wood grain impression mat to press over the yellow fondant.   

Ready to give to any Mr. Fix It!

Another way to give edible tools would be the cookie kind.

Originally, I was going to decorate each tool, then ran out of time. 

So I decided upon a tool box cookie and dip set, just dip the tool in the frosting and top with a Sixlets or two, tucked inside another perfect size "tool" box from BRP Box Shop.

Last, but definitely not least, is the sport ball packages!

Showing only the golf, tennis and baseballs, Sweet Works has any other chocolate sport ball you could possibly need! 

The tags I made were for father's day, with a little change in text, I think they would be super duper de doo for any sport party! 

 Chocolate - For Father's Day!



  1. Great ideas! The fondant handles brought more life to the chocolate!

  2. This is absolutely adorable. My nephew is a Bob the Builder fan. What cute favors these would make for his birthday. Hey, my Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop is going on right now. Please stop by and share this? Pretty please?

  3. Those chocolate tools are the cutest tools I have ever seen! I love how you made the handles different colors! You are so smart!!!!

  4. Leave it to you to take something cute and make it even cuter!!! Love the tool kit any dad would LOVE that for Father's Day. Your cookies are still the BEST thought and this Father's Day cookie kit would make anyone happy. from,twobeautifulgirls

  5. Reese Eggs Yum! These Tools Are Great!

  6. This is great even for a man's birthday! My boyfriend would love this.

  7. My favorite Easter candy is Peeps. Adding the fondant handles to the chocolate tools really made them look fantastic. Pinning:)

  8. Cute chocolate tools along with the cute chocolate sport balls!

  9. SO CUTE! What a fun idea. Love the tools. The cookie kit is a great!

  10. I love anything dark chocolate. These tools are darling!


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