The Partiologist: Lemonade Stand!

Lemonade Stand!

Do you remember having a lemonade stand as a child?  Well, I sure do, and it wasn't your typical lemonade stand by any means.  Why?  I grew up on a farm and so my lemonade stand was at the end of the dirt driveway by the mailbox.

 My only customer was my grandmother (who lived down the road), the big trucks just passed me by and blew dust all over.  And I did this more than once.  So when I was asked to make cookies for a 1st Birthday with a Lemonade Stand Theme, I was thrilled!

Lemonade Cookies!

I just love the three colors together, perfect for a 1st Birthday!
I decided to add a couple more lemon ideas.
Lemonade Drink Mix in pretty packages!
With cute instructions on back...
And this is how it started~
While waiting for an apt., I read a magazine with review on lemonade and Country Time Won! 
Yea for Country Time. 
And then I saw these little bitty wire whisks.  It was only a matter of time...
I measured out the drink mix and filled small zip lock bags that would fit inside the white paper gift bags.
With ribbon and labels, it was time to put it together.
The labels were bright and clear from Online Labels HERE



I filled the bags with the powder drink mix, folded the top and stapled it in the middle.
Measured out ribbon and wrapped it around the bag.
I then printed out the labels and stuck one on the front and one on the back. 
Tied a small ribbon to the whisk and hot glued it on the bag.  Now it's ready to give!
I think it looks pretty cute even without the wire whisk, don't you?

One last thing to add was lemon cupcakes~
Baked in yellow cupcake papers, topped with lemon butter cream and placed inside individual serving glasses the cupcakes were a hit. 
It didn't hurt that they were sprinkled with celebration sugar pearls either!  Looks like it's time to...
Pucker Up!


  1. Adorable Kim! I love everything about all these sweet treats. :) ♥

  2. now i want some lemonade :) and i looooove those mason jar cookies! bet those truck drivers sure missed a good glass of lemonade knowing you made it!

    1. I'm sure I made some pretty good lemonade those drivers missed out on! LOL

  3. These are so CUTE!! And I love the tags. I have a set of lemonade cookies that I am working on now. They are fun cookies to decorate aren't they?

    1. I loved making those cookies and I can't wait to see yours too!

  4. How darling! How Yummy!!!! I enjoy your notes as much as I do the beautiful things you make!

  5. I love the colours of these cookies and your mason jars with lemonade ones were a fabulous idea. Your take-away gift bags are adorable.

    P.S. What kind of adult drives by a sweet little girl at the side of the road and instead of stopping to buy a glass of her lemonade, showers her with dirt from their passing truck!? For shame :)

    1. Yea, I'm pretty sure they regret it now...Thanks for always sending me sweet comments!

  6. How adorable and your cookies and I have a vision of you now at the end of the lane waiting to sell your lemonade and your sweet grandmother coming to buy it, what a beautiful story to share.

    1. I really have the best memories of me selling lemonade - even covered in a bit of dust - Thanks Linda!

  7. These cookies are so lovely, beautiful colors :)!


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