The Partiologist: Caramel Apple Turkey!

Caramel Apple Turkey!

I hope you enjoyed the caramel apples I made for Halloween, because today they're back.  This time the apple has tail feathers, perfect to give to your favorite turkey this Thanksgiving.

 Caramel Apple Turkey!
Like the Halloween apples, they start with yummy Kraft caramels.

Melt according to directions.

Insert the sticks into the apples and dip into the caramel. 

Melt chocolate in microwave safe bowl and dip into the chocolate, coating the caramel.  Double dip!

Set aside.  Out of sight, you will be tempted to eat the apple.  Sometimes it happens.

Next, roll and cut a round piece of fondant for the turkey face.

Add eyes to the fondant with a bit of melted chocolate.

Use a paisley shaped cutter and cut the waddle (pretty sure that's what it's called and I don't know why, I just feel bad for the turkey.)

I used a mini star shaped cutter and cut off one of the points for the beak.

Add them both with a bit of melted chocolate.

I found these feather molds on ETSY and had to order them. 
They worked perfect.  I poured my candy melts into the mold, froze, unmolded and added a bit more candy melts to attach a toothpick.

Take another toothpick and poke holes in the apple where the feathers will go.
That way you won't break the feather off the toothpick when inserting into the apple.
You could also make your life a little easier and make all the feathers one color, or all chocolate.

My life is complicated, so I made lots of colors.
Add a bit of frosting or candy melts to the back of the turkey face and stick on the front of the apple.

You're turkey is now ready to be gobbled. 
Shake Your Tail Feathers!


  1. It is so colorful and cute! Makes me want to shake my tail feathers!

  2. oh goodness you made a turkey apple. ok so now i want one. and that feather mold to go with it! lol ;)

    1. Isn't that mold the cutest?? Can't wait to use it again!

  3. Omg, those feather molds are cool. I should get some myself. Thank you Kim.

    1. Aren't they fun?? I have a thing for molds and I'm always finding new ones!

  4. I love caramel apples and you made the cutest one I've ever seen! The feathers are perfect ... I'm with Lisa ... need that mold ;)

    1. Thank you Brenda, I think the gal is going to wonder why everyone is ordering those feather molds!!

  5. What a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece!


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