The Partiologist: Disney Frozen Cookies!

Disney Frozen Cookies!

I've been posting a lot of tricks on sticks lately, not today.  Still cute as can be... no sticks needed!  What you will need, is a box for cute packaging.   Recently my niece had a Disney Frozen Birthday Party.  And because it is a tradition for me to make cookie decorating kits for my nieces and nephews birthday gift, I decided to make a Frozen Cookie Decorating Kit.

Frozen Cookie Kit

I had a lot of snowflake cookie cutters to choose from, so that was no problem. 

I was so excited when I found Frozen Themed Cookie Cutters on Etsy.  I quickly purchased a few and began baking.

I planned to use a dozen cookies in the set, however, I ended up with fifteen, the snowflakes were just too cute.

I packaged one character and four snowflakes in each bag of cookies.

I used cello bags and blue tulle to tie the packages.

Now for the frosting.  If you're going to make many cookie decorating kits, the value pack of disposable decorating bags is the best value.

I like to use three colors of frosting and three sizes of decorating tips. 

Wilton round, star and basket weave tip, or any other tip you would like.  Just drop the tips into the tip of the decorating bag, making sure they are all the way in.

To close the top, I found the loom bands had all the colors I needed and were the least expensive.

For the Frozen Cookie Decorating Kit, I made blue, white and purple buttercream frosting.  Fill each bag half full with frosting, twist the top and fold it over.  Closing with the coordinating band.

The mom's will love the kit too, all they need to do is snip off the end of the frosting bag and the kids can begin decorating!

Now for the fun and easy part.  Choose the type of sprinkles to include in your kit.

Of course I included eyes for Anna & Elsa, eyes and a nose for Olaf.

Several other kinds of sugar sprinkles, including snowflakes and candy rock crystals finished filling the six compartment bead box.

Needing the perfect box to put them in, I decided to use this 8" x 8" box from
And white and blue tulle to tie on the top. 
Place the cookies, frosting and sprinkles in the box and close.

 With Christmas d├ęcor everywhere, it was easy to find a snowflake to tie on the top with the tulle.
Now you have yourself the perfect Frozen Themed Cookie Decorating kit the kids will love.

Just look at the smile on Olaf, I can hear them singing...

Let it Go!


  1. Your niece is so lucky to have such a cool and talented aunt. I'm sure she loved her cookie kit.

  2. Your kits are genius... all the fun of decorating cookies without the mess. These turned out just adorable. from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. I have to agree, when my kids were younger (or even now) this kit would make decorating sooooo easy! :)

  3. What little girl wouldn't want to get that amazing cookie kit! That would be one of the best ever birthday gifts at a "Frozen" birthday party!

    I loved the presentation too! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I sure hope she enjoys the kit, I'm pretty sure she will!

  4. How wonderfully creative you are! What cookie recipe do you use to make these imprinted cookies? I have not found one yet that works for me.
    Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas!!

    1. You're very welcome! I have found the no fail sugar cookie recipe to work if I roll it thin enough and add a dusting of flour to the top of the dough and dip the cutter before cutting. Hope this helps!

  5. These are so pretty. Kim do you remember the shop on etsy where you got the cutters, I'm thinking of getting them for my niece, I just found out she is crazy into Frozen.

    1. I just searched Disney Frozen themed cookie cutters and found several. Here is the link for cutters:

  6. This kit is so cute Kim! Thanks for the great idea! Kathy


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