The Partiologist: Bunny Topped Rice Krispie Treats!

Bunny Topped Rice Krispie Treats!

Today it's all about the bunny, the Easter Bunny to be exact. And it involves chocolate, colored chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, well, you get the idea right?

When I received a note from Hani asking if I would like to participate in an upcoming Easter project, I was ready to hop to it!  This was the challenge...Hani of Haniela's, Beth of Hungry Happenings and I were to all use the same Wilton Mini Silicone Bunny Cake Mold to create something for Easter.  Here are our findings... One Pan Three Treats!

Colored Easter Bunny Rice Krispie Treats

Check out the cute Chocolate Bunnies from Beth, Hungry Happenings and the Rocky Road Bunnies from Hani, You Tube Channel. Both of these gals have so much fun going on, if you're not already subscribed to their sites, SUBSCRIBE NOW!
For the project, I wanted to make something simple, that's when I decided to make chocolate bunnies and place them on top of a rice krispie treat.  I had to add the buttercream grass because the rice krispie treat was just too hard for the bunnies to sit on. 

Here they are, hopping down the bunny trail...
It could possibly be every Bunny's favorite Easter treat, so let's get hopping.
What you'll need is this cute little pan, so cute I bought it twice (really because I didn't remember I bought it the first time).  You'll only need to buy it once.
Candy melts in all the colors of the rainbow.  Or any color you want.
I melt the candy melts and keep them stored in mason jars.
Pour just enough candy melts to cover the bottom of each bunny cavity.
Set in refrigerator until solid.
Once they are set, gently pull the silicone mold away from the chocolate bunny and remove from pan and set aside.
Now whip up a batch of Rice Krispie treats, using Jet-Puffed marshmallows and butter.
This is the pan I love to use for unbaked treats.  I'll show you why...
The sides fold down and you follow the marks to make perfect size squares, or rectangles. You can cut your bar into ANY size you want and they will be uniform as long as you keep you eye on the mark!
It seems when I try and cut uniform shapes without any marks, I do a lot of trimming and trimming until there is nothing left. 
This pan has saved me from eating all the misshapen bars.
Okay, back to the bunny RKT.
Add a dot of frosting to the candy bunny for it's tail.
Pipe a squiggle of frosting on the back of the bunny and stick to the rice krispie treat.
Next, using a Wilton #233 tip, pipe a row of grass across the bottom of the rice krispie treat.  A little up and over the bunny.
If  you've got a green thumb, add a few sprinkles for the flowers.
What you've heard is true, bunnies do multiply - look at that bunch!
Now that I've got a pan (or two) I'll be making more bunny shaped treats. 
Bunny Love XO


  1. Adorable! Those colorful bunnies will really brighten up an Easter table.

    1. Thanks Beth, I do love all the bright colored chocolate! :)

  2. oh i love all the colors! and ditto what Beth said :)

    1. Thank you Lisa, nothing better than a colored chocolate bunny!

  3. These are simply adorable, and in my house would disappear as quickly as they multiply. I absolutely love your site!, I've never seen a pan like this..can't wait to get one!

    1. Your house seems it could be just like mine - they disappeared instantly - Thank-you!

  4. So effective, the bunnies and grass look so perfect and the sprinkles are adorable. I actually thought they were Easter eggs not flowers, but either way they look super cute.

    1. Using Easter egg sprinkles would have been a fantastic idea - next time!! Thank you Linda!

  5. Kim, these are so adorable and festive
    Love the colorful bunnies!

  6. These are so colorful and fun! I like your idea of keeping the candy melts in mason jars!

    1. Using the mason jars have saved me so much time - Thanks for stopping by!


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