The Partiologist: Black & White Birthday Party!

Black & White Birthday Party!

 Today it's all black and white...polka dots and stripes.  That was the theme for the recent birthday party I hosted.  How did I come up with that idea?  Actually, I had two ideas floating around in my head, kept tossing them back and forth.  Then I went shopping... in every window, I seemed to see black and white polka dots and stripes.  And I found the perfect polka dot dress.  So that, my friends is how this party began...
Polka Dots and Stripes!

The dessert table was filled with polka dot and stripped desserts...well sort of.  The desserts were mostly bars, cut up and placed in polka dot and striped cupcake papers.

For the centerpiece, I used a black photo frame, replaced the photo with black and white striped wrapping paper.  Added a 50 to the outside of the glass, made with black contact paper and cut with my Circut.

Little black and white daisy cake pops lined up, front and center.

Here's a quick how-to for the Daisy Cake Pops.
Supplies needed are cake pops sticks, straws and fabric flowers.
Take apart the flower and slide it on the stick.
 Make the cake pops and dip them in white chocolate.
Be sure to slide the flower down, so it doesn't get any chocolate on it.
Paint a little Karo syrup on the top of the cake pop and sprinkle!
Slide the flower up, right below the cake pop.
Let's get back to the table, shall we?
Under the table, black and white paper lanterns filled the floor.
Even the windows were decorated.

With paper lanterns and fans.

Four kinds of almonds along with polka dot and striped cookies were center of attention.

Chocolate Covered Almonds
Sweet & Spicy Asian Almonds (Homemade)
Jordan Almonds
Roasted Almonds
Stripes and dots were airbrushed on the cookies and a fondant 50 added to the top.
More desserts... 
From top left:
Salted Peanut Chews
White Chocolate Covered Oreo's
Chewy Chocolate Oatmeal Bars
Date Bars
Sugar Cookies
Cranberry Bars
Brownie Pieces topped with Frosting
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Dot Topped Brownies
I found a black and white polka dot shower curtain, which I used as a table cloth.
While planning this birthday party, I couldn't decide whether to make a cake or not.  It was brunch, so would a cake be appropriate?  Then I realized, since when am I appropriate?  In a flash this cake came to mind...a donut cake, perfect for brunch, don't you think?
Donut Cake

 Covered in a homemade glaze, ready to be served...
 More dots and stripes to come...
It's All Black & White!


  1. What a great looking dessert table. You always make everything look so festive and all your sweet treats look amazing.

    1. Thanks Beth, fortunately all the treats are gone, or I would be eating them now! :)

  2. ditto what Beth said! what i wouldn't do to go to one of your parties! :)

    1. Whenever you're in the area, give me a call, I'm sure there will be a party in the works!! :)

  3. Clever and fun as always! Really love the cake pop idea.

  4. I wish you a wonderful Birthday!! I hope here
    you have an amazing day and lots of fun! Enjoy this day, you deserve it!


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