The Partiologist: Peeking Bunny Cakes!

Peeking Bunny Cakes!

 With all those adorable bunny butts made in every way shape and form, I just knew, some day those little bunnies would have to come up out of the dirt.  Today is the day.

Peeking Bunny Easter Cakes!

Somewhere along the road, these little bunnies went wrong.  I'm not sure where, but instead of looking like Easter Bunnies, they look more like Muppet Bunnies.  My vision was a sweet little bunny with a bow in it's 'hare'.

Only once they were finished, they made me laugh and I thought you might get a laugh out of them too.  And just in case you want to make a few "Muppet Bunny Cakes", I'll help you get started.
I found the paper berry baskets at Michaels.

Lined them with coffee filters.

Mixed up a devils food cake mix.

Fill the three containers with batter and baked until the center was done.

Bake the remaining cake in a small pan and set aside.

Crumble the extra cake, set aside.

Frost the top of the cakes with chocolate ganache or frosting.

Top the ganache with the cake crumbles.

Now it's time to make a few cake pops. 

Dip the cake pops in white candy melts.

I decided to add sprinkles after they had dried, so I painted a little Karo syrup around the pop and covered it with sprinkles.

Next, cut out tiny pink fondant ovals.

Then cut out white fondant ovals.

Add the pink to the white oval to make the paw.

Curl the end under and set aside.

Cut rounds out of the pink and white fondant.

Place together for the nose.

Add a drop of icing to the cake pop and add the nose and royal icing eyes.

Trim off the cake pop stick so it will fit inside the cake.

Insert the bunny pop into the cake.

Add a bit of icing to the side of the bunny and stick on the paw.

Add the second paw.
Cut the ears with a oval cutter, trim the side to make them more pointed.

Turn the ear under and set aside until firm.

Add the ears to the top of the bunny with a bit of frosting.

"Hare's Looking at You Kid"

Happy Easter!


  1. Okay those bunnies are no laughing matter, they are just to adorable and creavtive for that. They may have not been exactly what you invisioned to to my eyes they are pure over the top CUTE! from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. Makes me so happy you think they're cute, I kind of think they're cute too! :)

  2. i've always loved the muppets-your bunnies make me love them more! and sticking the cake pops in the cake is genius! and baking cake in a coffee filter?!? dang i didn't think that was possible. another reason why your'e so awesome! :)

    1. Actually, I LOVE the Muppets, so when my bunnies looked kind of like a Muppet Bunny, they made me happy! Thank you Lisa!

  3. These are just too cute. Whatever you were going for, you got it right. They are just so adorable. I can't quit looking at them. I'm in love:)

    1. Aww, thank you Beth, I think it's those chubby little bunny cheeks that make a person want to keep looking! : )

  4. And I'm so glad they did..come up out of the dirt that is! These are so adorable..perfect peeking bunnies! Sweetness indeed. :)


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