The Partiologist: Oh So Cute Gingerbread Men!

Oh So Cute Gingerbread Men!

I'm still talking Gingerbread, as in cookie dough, sugar cookies, gingerbread men and...two more, only I can't let the cat gingerbread out of the bag just yet because they're still in my mind.  As soon as I get them out of my mind and into reality I'll let you know, I don't want to make empty promises.
Anyway, back to today and the cute gingerbread men which have become a reality.  Remember when I told you to save the remaining gingerbread dough?  Not to give it all away?  This is why...
Gingerbread Men

If you want the perfect man, follow right along.
After baking these little guys, I added a few fondant decorations.
Made with molds and a hand cut hat.
And because I wanted to give them away, I packaged them up all cute.
But first you'll need to bake these bad boys.
Follow the recipe found HERE.
Use any giant gingerbread cutter.
Roll, cut and bake.  Repeat.
Press red, white and green fondant into the button and squiggle mold.
Press red fondant into a bow mold to make the bowtie.
And this little treasure I've had for a long time. It's from a set called zoku (link below).

Works perfect for the mouth.
Royal icing eyes.
Red fondant for the Hat.
Cut the hat template I made HERE.
Fold over the red fondant and top with a white circle, made with the end of a decorating tip.

Place on the little guy's head. 

He's quiet and sweet and if he gives you any grief you can bite his head off.

 He's the perfect man.

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  1. Quite possibly the cutest gingerbread men I've ever seen! You're so talented!!

  2. oh he is the perfect man! now if only i can get him to the think my hubby would mind? lol ;)

  3. Pinning too!! Gosh - I can't get over all the cuteness :)

  4. So cute! Can you please post the link to the hat template? I would love to make this. Thank you. Kathy

    1. Thanks for keeping me on my toes, just fixed the link! :)

  5. These are great! I'm getting all the ingredient's very soon and for the mickey mouse cookie's too! I was just wandering regarding the buttons please on the gingerbread man himself, they are not edible and do you just attach with icing????
    Cannot wait to have fun making these! Thank you. Laura UK

    1. The buttons are also edible. They are made out of fondant with the same mold as the zig zag. There is a Amazon link above for the mold used by Wilton. Hope this helps! 😊

  6. These are THE cutest gingerbread men I've ever seen! I love the Santa hats and their cute smiles.

    1. They are smiling because you left such a sweet comment! :)


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