The Partiologist: Clay Pot Cookie Gift!

Clay Pot Cookie Gift!

You know how I love pretty packaging, don't you?  No matter how much time you spend making a treat, you can take it to a whole new level with packaging.  Today I took simple flower cookies and made them extra special with this simple idea.  You could use any cookie, bar, brownie or fudge with the same packaging.
Clay Pot Cookies
See what I mean?
How fun would it be to have a clay pot full of cookies. 
When it's empty, your recipient could plant something, or refill!
Here it is, all sealed up, ready to be delivered.
What a pretty gift!
Let's talk about the cookie, okay?
First of all, they are not lemon.
But that makes me think...lemon cookies would be great too...oh the possibilities! 
These are sugar cookies drizzled with a petit four glaze.
Here's how.
I've had the garden imprint cookies for quite some time.
Spritz cookies would be another easy cookie to make!
Now they're ready to be used.
However, I only used one design, I'm saving the others for later.
I rolled out my sugar cookie dough thick and cut the flower.
After they are baked, cool on wire rack.
Mix petit four icing thin enough to make it very pourable.
Glaze recipe HERE.
(Color the glaze with your choice of food color.)
Place a sheet of wax paper under the wire rack.
Using a spoon, drizzle the icing over the cookies, letting the excess drip onto the wax paper.
Pick up a clay pot at any craft store.
You can decide on the size, depending on what you're filling the pot with.
Lay out a piece of green tissue paper, cutting into a square.
Place a smaller sheet of wax paper in the middle of the green tissue paper. 
Press into the pot.
The wax paper keeps the cookies from getting grease spots on the tissue paper.
Start layering cookies in the bottom of the pot.
Continue adding cookies until they are to the top.
First fold the wax paper around the cookies.
Then fold the tissue paper, tucking in the sides.
Cover the top of the clay pot with the bottom piece.
Choose ribbon to compliment the sweet treat inside. 
Of course I chose yellow ribbon to coordinate with the cookies.
Wrap it around the pot and tie a bow on the top.

Sweet and Delicious...Summer in a Pot.
Bake it Special!


  1. Your flower cookies are so pretty. I've never seen a cutter that creates such dimensional detail. It's lovely. I might need to go buy some of them!

    1. Aren't they interesting cutters? I know I will find lots of uses for them!

  2. oh what a packaging queen you are! very nice :)

    1. LOL Packaging queen I am, I buy stuff sometimes just cuz I like the packaging! :)

  3. I mean, is it too much to ask for you to come to my house and teach me everything you know??? You're so creative! Just adorable.

    1. You're so sweet, thank you sooooo much for the comment! Send me your address and I'll be over... ;)

  4. This idea is so cute! You have awesome ideas.

    Edye | Http://


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