The Partiologist: Beach Ball Scotcharoos!

Beach Ball Scotcharoos!

I'm back to scotcharoos.  I can't stop making them, I hope you don't mind.  It's one of the easiest no bake desserts, not to mention one of my favorite desserts.  While you've all probably had a Scotcharoo bar and possible made the Scotcharoo Birthday Bars, I have another version, just in case you're not celebrating a birthday... you're celebrating summer!

Beach Ball Scotcharoos!

You know how I made these, don't you?

I'll give you a hint.

I melted stuff.

Quick and easy with one little mold.

An Oreo cookie mold.

When did I ever say you can't use an Oreo cookie mold just for chocolate?


This is how they came together.
No air pump needed.

Melt the chips together.
Fill the bottom of each beach ball cookie mold.

This is a sturdy Oreo cookie mold from Spinning Leaf and I love it!
Pop in the freezer until solid.
Turn over and tap, the solid chocolate balls will fall right out.
Refrigerate chocolate balls until ready to use.

Next, make a batch of Scotcharoos.  Recipe HERE.
Find a round cookie cutter that is the same dimension as the beach ball mold.
Cut several rounds from the Scotcharoo bars. 
Make as thick or thin as you wish.

Next spoon a bit of left over chocolate on the top of a Scotcharoo.
Immediately place the chocolate beach ball on the top of the chocolate and twist.
The melted chocolate will harden and hold the chocolate ball on the top.

Pool Break!


  1. They really are so fun and look so easy. Perfect way for me to play beach ball without getting wet! Cheryl

  2. Makes me want summer back all ready!!! from, twobeautifulgirls


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