The Partiologist: Pokeball Cake

Pokeball Cake

I'm really not sure what or how or why Pokémon became such a rage.  I totally don't understand it, but that really doesn't matter because when I saw the Pokéball, I knew I wanted to play.  Which means make a cake.
And this cake has to be the easiest cake I've ever made...I reverted back to my roots, using the Wilton Star Tip!  Remember when all the character cakes were made with the star tip?  I thought it would be the perfect way to construct the Pokéball Cake, and it was.
Pokéball Cake
Like I said, this is the easiest cake ever.

And who doesn't like easy?
Just pipe stars, half in red and the other half in white.
By now, I'm seeing stars.

And you can too.

Bake a 8" round cake. 

I only used one layer, two layers could be used as well.

Fill a pastry bag with buttercream frosting and a Wilton #18 star tip.

Make a mark with a knife across the middle of the cake.

Begin piping stars across the top of the cake.

Continue piping stars until half of the cake is covered in white stars.

To pipe the sides, I placed the cake on a bowl so it would be eye level and easier to pipe.

Next, fill a pastry bag with red buttercream frosting and a Wilton #18 star tip.

Begin filling the opposite side with red stars.

Continue until the other side is completely full of red stars.

Roll out a strip of black fondant.

Measure and cut a 15" strip, 1/2" wide with a pizza cutter.

Place the strip across the middle of the cake.

Trim the ends of the fondant with a pizza cutter.

Roll another piece of black fondant and cut a 2 1/2" circle.

Roll a piece of white fondant and cut a 1 3/4" circle.

Place the white fondant circle in the middle of the black fondant circle.

Place the circle in the middle of the cake.

Do you have a Pokéball in your life? 
Or a cake?


  1. I don't get it either and would be more excited to bake this cake for the kids (and adults) who do love the game! This easy cake design is perfect.

    1. It was so easy plus I had fun playing the game! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, this is a cake I could make, thank you for sharing!

  3. Your cake is the "star of the Pokeball"! Sorry..too corny?! I love how your cake turned out and I too remember making those star tipped character cakes!

    1. Ha ha, never to corny for me. The star tip was the best, right??

  4. I've never tried pokeball cake before. They look delish and very easy. I'll definitely give them a go. My son will love these! : )

  5. Hello I'm making one for my 8 year old son , what do you think about replacing the black fondant with licorish straps? I'm not sure how to do the circle though. Claire

    1. You could also use a black licorice wheel for the circle. Although, working with fondant is super easy, just like using play dough!

  6. How did you get your red icing nice and dark red??

    1. I used a LOT of Red Red food color. After the color sits overnight, it deepens even darker.

  7. O my goodness you have saved me from having to figure out how to make a ball cake. Also with just a star tip, me and fondant don't get along for big areas. thank you so much

    1. Making a ball cake is SO hard, I think I tried once and only once! Happy I could help you out! :)

  8. Hello!
    I would like to know what type of icing you used on this cake.

    1. Hi Elisa! I used buttercream for this cake, making sure it was stiff enough to hold the star shape.


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