The Partiologist: Easy Oreo Spiders!

Easy Oreo Spiders!

EEK!  I'm not scared, just excited!  Because these little spiders are so cute AND because I made a video showing you how to make them.  I even added a few photos of the process and if you read to the end, you'll see the multi colored spiders too!
Easy Oreo Spiders

Are you excited?
Well, you should be.  Or at least you should be excited for me.
You see, it only took minutes to make the spider Oreo's but days for me to make a video.
Today is proof you can teach an old dog new tricks.
Another spider of the cute kind.

 Here's how...
Start with red Twizzlers pull'n'peel licorice.
Wilton red Candy Melts.
Candy eyes.
Sit back and grab a bag of popcorn for the video.

A small bag, the video is just a little over a minute.

Did you know you can make multi colored spiders too?

I made the multi colored spiders and then made the red spiders.

Basically because I couldn't decide which bag of licorice to buy.

I'm the one you see standing in the isle looking at all the options, then reading the back of each item, then comparing size and price.  Then I reach for the one waaaaaaay in the back to make sure it's not dented or outdated.

Sometimes I get so tired and hungry, I put everything back and just go home.

This time I went out on a limb bought both bags because I knew if I just bought the multi colored licorice, I would get home and wish I had bought the red licorice.

Yes, it's hard being me.

Anyway, back to the photos.

Bags of Wilton candy melts, Oreo's, Licorice and candy eyes is all you need.

And here's the simple trick to get your candy melts in a smooth pouring consistency.

A 1 teaspoon Crisco to each melted bag of candy melts.  NOT butter.  NOT oil.

Stir until smooth and pour over the Oreo, add the eyes and you've got yourself a spider.

You tell me, which bag of licorice would you buy? 


  1. Your spiders and video turned out great. I stand in the candy aisle planning how to make a treat. I visualize it in my head and find myself talking out loud about the idea. I'm sure people think I'm a little nuts. We both are a little nuts, but in a good way, a really good way!!! :)

    1. Ha Ha, in a good way... that's for sure! Can you imagine us together shopping for candy supplies??

  2. Absolutely adorable! Christine S

  3. Did you dip the bottom of the spider in red candy melt cause you just poured it all over the top? THANKS!

    1. No, I didn't dip the bottom, if you turn it over, it shows the plain Oreo cookie. I guess I should have taken a photo of that! :)

  4. LOve the video..haha! Shake A Leg! Your cookie spiders are adorable and they look like such fun to make. :)

    1. Oh, so happy you enjoyed my video and even got my joke! :)


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