The Partiologist: Fall Cookies!

Fall Cookies!

Fall is here and Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Now it's time to make cookies to go along with the season...

Fall Buttercream Cookies!

All with buttercream!
Some love buttercream and some love royal. 
Either way, the cookies will be a hit!
It was hard to decide which cookies to make.
The candy corn, Indian corn and pumpkin came in Sweet Sugarbelle's shape shifter set.
Look at the cuteness of the cutters, not to mention the decorating templates.
The scarecrow and sunflower came in a two pack.
Let's get started.
Should we start with the candy corn shape?
Roll and cut the cookie dough into each shape.
Once they are baked and cooled, use the template and an edible food marker, making your lines.
Then start decorating with all the fall colors you love.
In buttercream.
Pipe a stripe across the cookie with a basket weave tip, using the line as a guide.
Continued with brown frosting and a #16 star tip next to the orange.
I added another line of white frosting with a basket weave tip.
Next to the white, I added a row of ruffles with the gold frosting and #101 ruffle tip.
Continued with all sorts of fall colors and added dots and more lines.
Sunflowers are one of my favorite fall flowers...
And now one of my favorite fall cookies.

Fill a pastry bag with green frosting and a #68 leaf tip, gold frosting and a #352 leaf tip and brown frosting and a #16 star tip.
Pipe a couple green leaves with the #68 leaf tip on one side of the cookie.
Next, begin piping gold petals with the #352 leaf tip until the outside of the cookie is full.
Fill in the center with the brown frosting and #16 star tip.
Do you know what this is?
I'll give you a hint... Indian corn.

Again, I made lines on the cookie using the template as my guide.
This way, my corn stays in the middle. 
I hate when my corn gets out of shape!
I filled four pastry bags with orange, gold, brown and white frosting and round #5 decorating tips.
Started by piping a couple of dots, pulling down and release.
Continue switching out the colors, making a random design.
To finish the cookie, I added a husk with the leaf tip.
Which looked more like a ruffle, so I scraped it off and piped another husk with another leaf tip.
This time leaf tip.
Okay, this little guy I love.
Really, nothing scary about this scarecrow.
I started with marking the cookie with the template.
Then I began piping the straw hat.
When I was done with the straw hat, I just kept decorating and before I knew it the cookie was decorated and I had no photos.
Last but not least, is the stacked pumpkin.
And there is not one single photo of the decorating process.
It's kind of like the third child, no one ever gets photos of the third child.
It's the perfect time to celebrate with cookies!

Happy Falladays! 


  1. I love all these, but that stacked pumpkin cookie is simply charming!! Happy Thanksgiving, Kim! :o)

  2. These would really dress up a Thanksgiving dessert table. Your designs are amazing!

    1. Cookies are always a great addition to a table setting!! Thanks Beth!


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