The Partiologist: Cake Pops and More...

Cake Pops and More...

Today I wanted to share several beautiful creations, however, it was one of those days.  Of everything I created, I couldn't pick a favorite.  I didn't really love anything, in fact I didn't even like anything.  But when I went to add the cake pop photo to my blog, they just made me smile.  Keep reading.
Valentine Cake Pops
You've got a piece of my heart.
Or cake pop for that matter.
Why are these Valentine Cake Pops? 
Because of the Heart straws.
Heart straws can make any cake pop a Valentine Cake Pop.
This is where it turned into something funny.
I found cute straws with arrows while shopping at Target.
So of course, I add them to my collection.
But do you see what I see?
Take a closer look...
I totally thought they looked like they were holding a book.
Like a music book and caroling.
This is what I saw.
And I couldn't stop seeing it.
I guess they are caroling cake pops.
Maybe singing songs of Love?
Anyway, moving on to another creation I just thought, why?
I can pretty much blame Target for this one too.
I had to have those heart and arrow sprinkles.
I wanted to make white chocolate bark, but I made it too thin and then I thought, who would eat this?
So I decided to use those little arrows and find bigger hearts for cake pops.
But the cake pops were lumpy and lopsided.
And then I thought, I know just what I'll do.
Drizzle and sprinkle the little hearts and arrows in popcorn.
Wouldn't that be cute??


Couldn't even see the arrows.

Now what?  I had this entire tray of popcorn, waiting to be decorated.

When all else fails, drizzle with white chocolate, add M & M's and sprinkles and call it a day.

So, there you have it.

One day, three failures.

And I remind myself of these.

Swirly Pops make me Smile!

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  1. Your caroling pops are hilarious and it's so funny that I saw the exact same thing when I looked at the arrow!

  2. ok so save the caroling straws for a christmas cake pop idea, the thin bark to place on top of a brownie, the lumpy (yeah right!?!) cake pops for pretty much anyone who will jump for joy when you give it to them, and the popcorn for everyone telling them it's a game to find the mini arrows. your failures are winners to me cuz EVERYTHING you make makes me smile! :>D

    1. I did think of Christmas :) and using the bark for a brownie or cupcake would definitely work! I'm happy to know you think they could be turned into winners!

  3. That's funny because when I saw the arrows on the cake pops, I saw rib cages. Starving Cake Pops. Amazing how everyone's brains are so different. But...I would still love to eat all of it no matter what it looks like. from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. LOL Skeleton cake pops, I'll have to remember that for Halloween! Thanks!! :)


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