The Partiologist: Heart & Arrow Chocolate Truffles!

Heart & Arrow Chocolate Truffles!

Do you get your steps in everyday?  I try, but without a fit bit, I just hope for the best.  Everyone is always taking about getting their steps in...everyone meaning my daughter.  Anyway, after a quick trip to Target, I decided to walk to my next destination, several blocks away just to get my steps in.  It just so happened, I walked right past Party City and really, I couldn't get past the front door without going in.  I am The Partiologist after all.  I almost got out of there without a purchase, but then I found the little picks.
Oh, I'm sure you've seen them a hundred times one way or another, it was this way that had me making a purchase.
Heart & Arrow Truffles
It's the pick that makes the truffles pop!
While making the little truffles, I thought of so many other ways to use the party picks.
Cupcakes, Brownies, Cake Pops, Donut Holes, even Meatballs!
Notice the end of the pick is a bit longer, so it makes the perfect pick.
Just follow your heart, which leads to chocolate in this case.
Doesn't it make you want these little picks? 
The truffles are rolled in chocolate .
Find the recipe HERE
I get no commission, but you can find the Heart & Arrow Party Picks HERE.
Only $1.99 for 36, it's a Sweetheart of a deal!
Follow your may lead to chocolate!


  1. What did you roll your truffles in? I love those picks! They are so fun.

    1. Thanks Beth, I rolled he truffles in Milk Chocolate Flakes made by ChocoMaker and found them at Hobby Lobby. :)

  2. These are just adorable Kim!! If I lived near a Party City, I'd be slam broke!

    1. LOL It's so hard to stay away from all the party cuteness, right?


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