The Partiologist: Shamrock Cookies with Pot of Gold

Shamrock Cookies with Pot of Gold

What started out as a great idea, soon turned into a not so great idea.  After I messed up one cookie, I wanted to bite the stem off all the shamrocks.  Instead of eating all the cookies, I left them alone for awhile and then started again.  It was worth the wait, because I actually ended up loving what I didn't plan to do.

Shamrock Cookies with a Pot of Gold!

Don't you love the shimmer of gold beneath the pot of more gold?

Still thankful I didn't eat the cookies.

You know, most of the time I eat the evidence.

And better yet, I made a video of how they were made.

Quite simple to make the cookies...making the video is another story.

Did you recognize the mini cookie cutter I used for the pot?

You guessed it, a skeleton, oh wait... you didn't guess?

So I'm saving you from the temptation of eating all the shamrocks.

Just follow my lead and grab the supplies needed to make the cookies:

Shamrock Cookie Cutter

Gold Airbrush Color

Green Royal Icing

Airbrush Machine


Black Fondant

Mini Skeleton Cookie Cutter

Gold Dragees

Karo Syrup

The trick to getting the gold to shine, is to airbrush the cookie three times, drying in between.

I tried to capture the shimmer of the gold, oh so pretty.

Any leprechaun would be pleased, don't you think?

Go ahead, Shake those Shamrocks!


  1. Thank you for the video - so helpful!

  2. These are gorgeous Kim! I love this design! PS - if you use Dinkydoodle gold airbrush color it'll shine really well on the first coat. :) XO!

    1. Thanks Christine, I do have the dinkydoodle gold but I was wanting to use up this other bottle first! :)

  3. Such a darling design! Love them!

  4. Beautiful...truly beautiful!


  5. These are precious Kim! Loved the video.

  6. Oh my! I'm in love with this beautiful cookie! Absolutely exquisite! Wow! Christine

  7. where did you find that perfect stencil????

    1. I've had the stencil for years and that exact one is no longer available. If you google sunburst stencil, several options come up. Hope this helps! :)


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