The Partiologist: Just a Slice... of Apple Pie!

Just a Slice... of Apple Pie!

I don't know if it's because the sun has been shinning and it's unseasonably warm here in Colorado I decided to make pie?  Or possibly another reason, because I found this incredibly cute cookie cutter?  I'm pretty sure you know the answer.  And just when I thought it was spring, it started snowing again.  So does that mean it's okay to go ahead and make those snowflake cookies I've been thinking about for days?

Anyway, back to the cutter, it's made for cookies, I used it for pie. 
Slice of Apple Pie
Of all the pies in the world, apple pie is my favorite. 
Don't know why, but I don't like cream pies, including chocolate.  I know, crazy right?

Do you have a favorite between fruit or cream pies?
When I found the cookie cutter, I thought apple pie would be the perfect slice to make.
And then I could eat it too, cuz it's my favorite.
You can make this as easy as you want by using premade crust and pie filling.
Or a little more time consuming, make everything from scratch.
I took the easy way out. 
The cute cutter I was talking about.
Oh, the endless slices of pies I can make.
The premade pie crust.
Unroll the crust, cut the pieces.  Make sure you have enough tops for your bottom crust.

Place the crusts on parchment paper for baking.
Poke holes in the crust with a fork.
Mix an egg wash:  1 egg + 2 tablespoons water.
Brush the egg wash on the crust before baking.

Sprinkle with sanding sugar.
Bake the crust until lightly golden.
Open one can of apple pie filling and add 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon.
Gently chop the apples with a knife into small chunks.
Spread the bottom crust with the apple pie filling.
Add the top.
Now you've got yourself a piece of pie.
And plenty to share.
It's Easy as Pie!


  1. oh you are so clever! i woulda made the pie cookies with the filling in it and baked the whole thing, making an insane mess LOL now thanks to you when i make these they'll look halfway decent (hopefully) these are perfect pie cookies! :)

    1. Ha Ha, while making them I couldn't decide if I should bake the apples in or not, I think I made the right decision! Thanks! :)

  2. That is just sooo creative! I thought it was a real piece of pie (well I guess it kind of is). I would have never thought of that but then I again I would probably never think of half the things you create. from, twobeautifulgirls

    1. LOL So happy you thought it was a slice of pie! :)

  3. Apple pie has been my favorite since childhood..I would spend my allowance money on those yummy apple pie turnovers! I bought this cutter on an autumn trip to Vermont and have yet to use it. Now that you have posted these amazing and yummy looking slices, I know just how I'll use mine! :)

    1. I know when I found the cutter, I was so excited! I loved those apple pie turnovers too! :)

  4. FRUIT PIE RULES!!!!!! I cannot have it in my house, it calls to me all day, "Nancy, just one more bite,...." Apple, cherry, strawberry-rhubarb, peach, all are faves! Kim, these are so adorable! Such a fantastic idea!

    1. LOL Our pies must speak the same language, they would be calling me too! Thanks for the comment! :)


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