The Partiologist: Shamrock Cookies!

Shamrock Cookies!

I think the better title for the post should be Lucky Shamrocks.  Because whoever (or is it whomever?) receives the cookies is one lucky leprechaun, they are magically delicious!

Shamrock Cookies

If I'm the one left with these cookies, they would not be around long.

Not only are they chocolate, they are dipped in more chocolate.

Green chocolate.

A double dose of cute and chocolate.

Here's a few photos of the step by step.

Bake your favorite chocolate cookie recipe in shamrock shapes.

I used this recipe HERE.

I mixed white, dark green, lime green and gold dragees together.

Melt green Wilton Candy Melts in melting pot.
(Add a bit of Cream de Menthe oil flavoring if desired)

Dip the edge of the chocolate shamrock into the melted green chocolate.

After they have dried, paint across the edge with karo syrup.

Hold over paper plate and immediately sprinkle with the dragees.

And call yourself lucky if you don't eat the entire pan.

Please Don't Shake the Shamrocks!


  1. These are adorable Kim. How long does it take for the Karo syrup with the dragees to be completely set?

    1. Thank you Amanda! I live in a very dry climate and they were set in a couple of hours.

    2. Thanks Kim, I will adjust for the Texas humidity.

  2. These are so cute! How long does it take you from beginning to end?


    1. Well, not too long, but I baked the cookies the day before I dipped them. I should time it, shouldn't I? :) Thanks!


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