The Partiologist: Everything's Coming Up Daisies!

Everything's Coming Up Daisies!

I don't know about you, but I love daisies.  So much that I decided to theme a Sweet Sixteen Birthday party around them along with crisp, clean black and white stripes and dots.  It was the perfect combination of Sweet and Sixteen, right?  I started with an invitation I purchased, added ribbon and the daisy which was included.

Sweet 16 Birthday Invitation

I love the look of the invitation.

Right down to the polka dot lined envelope.

Isn't it sweet?

I always make the invitations weeks in advance, ready for mailing one month before the party.

About two months before the party, I send out an e-mail save the date.

Because it's a party you don't want to miss.

Games are always a part of my parties and are always made up ahead of time.

I started with Which Would Jordyn Prefer?

It was a way to find out how well you know the guest of honor.

Print them on cardstock and cut.

The next game was fun to play as well, Birthday Word Search.

Both games coordinate with the theme.

And each game has prizes.

Everyone's a winner!

The first prize came in adorable boxes to match the invitation.

And because her name is Jordyn, I thought Jordan Almonds would be appropriate.

To add a little color, I added sixlets.

The next prize were in even cuter boxes.

And they took me awhile to figure out how to close.

The flowers had to be folded just right to look like a daisy.

And I added chocolate covered almonds to these boxes.

It's all about the packaging, right?

Another thing, because it took time to put the boxes together, I made them up a couple weeks in advance.

And for the winner and guest of honor, I had thank you notes for their prize along with the boxes.

So many daisies, so little time! 

Everything's Coming up Daisies and I do mean EVERYTHING!


  1. Very cute! You may want to "rethink" the game idea though; it's more for
    a 10 y/o.

    1. Thanks, the game probably is geared more toward the young ones, however this was a family party and the kids ages were 3 - 16. The adults even enjoyed the game!

  2. Just had to comment since I got to attend this amazing "Sweet 16"
    party! I honestly can't image getting to have a party like that when I turned 16!!! And that was a long time ago! I'm so excited for everyone to get to see absolutely everything that was created by the Partiologist (a.k.a. Kim)to honor this beautiful young lady! By the way...the games were all truly fun...even for the adults!!! Where no one got them all correct in the time limit and EVERYONE got a prize! Now that's what I call "fun for everyone"! Thanks Kim for the wonderful day...and I wasn't even the guest of honor! ...looking forward to all of the pictures!

    1. I truly loved the day as well...Glad you're looking forward to the photos, I've got a lot coming your way! :)

  3. Kim, so adorable and daisy fresh!!! Love your game ideas! We always played a version of Duck, Duck, Goose (think Batman, Batman, Joker) until the boys were teens and they loved it!!! I have been obsessed with daisies lately, so I ❤️ this party!!

    1. You are so sweet! I love changing up the Duck, Duck, Goose game too, it's so fun and love your take on it! :)


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