The Partiologist: May Day!

May Day!

It's almost time to knock on someone's door and run.  No, I'm not talking about some kind of prank, it's called May Day!  Back in the day, I filled cute little baskets with candy and my mom would take me around to deliver the baskets. The goal was to leave the basket, knock on the door and run back to the car without getting caught.  When I returned home, I would be happy to find several May Baskets left at my front door as well.  Does anyone celebrate May Day or even know what I'm talking about?  I want to keep the tradition alive and that's why I came up with something fun!

May Daisies!

Not exactly baskets, but so cute don't you think?

Remember when every party had tubes of gumballs?

Maybe you bought more than you needed?

Well, this is the perfect use for those tubes.

And the perfect little treat to leave on the doorstep.

Or a great party favor!

Pretty simple to put together.

I cut the daisy and leaf out of cardstock, using my Cricut.

Filled the tubes with green gumballs for the stem and a white gumball for the center of the daisy.

Tape (or hot glue) the yellow flower to the tube, making sure the white gumball shows through the center.

Punch a small hole in the leaf and tie it to the tube with a ribbon.

Happy May Daisies!


  1. Sadly I've never gotten or given a May Day basket. I'd never even heard of the tradition. It sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. Oh Beth, if you lived closer, I would be delivering you a May basket for sure!!

  2. When I saw these on facebook, I thought they were THE cutest!! I think your May Day gumball daisies are the perfect way to keep the fun tradition alive! Happy Easter, Kim! :)

  3. I never heard of May Day but would love those treats on my door step

    1. Thanks Gina, I would have loved to leave one for you! :)


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