The Partiologist: Celebration Cookies!

Celebration Cookies!

How's your summer going?  Are you celebrating all kinds of occasions?  I know you are because I'm making cookies to go along with those celebrations.  Like a Frozen Themed Birthday Party, Lumberjack Birthday, Bridal Shower, Roller Skate, Tea Party, Gone Fishin' and Cheyenne Frontier Days just to name a few!

Celebration Cookies

Like I've said before, my cookies get to have ALL the fun!

The Western Themed Cookies turned out to be my favorite and headed to Cheyenne Frontier Days!

I put together a slide show so you can see them one by one.

Then I fell in love with the Lumberjack Themed Cookies.

Another slide show.

Cute little Dino's.

And then Frozen Themed Cookies.

So what do you think, don't you love them?

You can see each one here.

Oh and if you're into tea, I've got the perfect cups.

And Tea Pots too.

And of course, cookies for back to school!

Do you know someone getting married?

Can you see the sparkle?

Maybe you're heading to the roller skating rink?

I've got a brand new pair of roller skates.

Do you see the cookies to go with your celebration?

There's a new sheriff in town!

It's a Wild Wild World!


  1. So much talent....I think my favorite might be the lumber jack cookies. I can't get over the plaid, moose or the wood log. From,twobeautifulgirls

    1. Thank you so very much, they were quite a bit of fun to make! 😊

  2. OMG...You have done many, many really amazing cookies, but I have to tell you these are absolutely FANTASTIC! I absolutely love these. So dang CUTE!!! Any chance for a video in the future for these? Pretty please :)

    1. You're so sweet, thank you for the comment. I have in mind to do a video of a couple designs, was there any certain one you are interested in?

  3. i'd love to comment but my jaw's on the floor from looking at these! :>O

  4. How do you make the plaid on the cookies? All of your cookies are always amazing! You are truly my inspiration when it comes to baking and decorating.

    1. You are so sweet, thank you for making my day! I used this stencil from The Cookie Countess here:


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