The Partiologist: Creepy Tombstone Cookie!

Creepy Tombstone Cookie!

How do you like your Halloween?  Creepy?  If so, you're in for a treat.  I've got scary, creepy tombstone cookies complete with a bloody skeleton hand.

Creepy Tombstone Cookies!

I've been itching to make these cookies using my skeleton hand mold.  They turned out kind of eerie which is what I was going for. 

You see, I was heading to a Fun Food Blog Retreat and wanted creepy cookies to serve at the "Dead Mans Diner" themed dinner.  (Can't wait to show photos!)  These were the best I could come up with without slicing up body parts.

It isn't going to gross you out too much is it?  I mean, have you done a search for creepy Halloween desserts?  There are some out there that I could never eat, EVER.  Even if they were made from chocolate.

What do you think, just the right amount of gory?

It's the skeleton mold that made me do it.  And wait until you see what else that mold made me do!

So what's your plan this Halloween, are you going to keep it cute or make it creepy?

Today, it's going to be a little on the creepy side.  I have to admit, it started out with something that I felt wasn't scary enough.  Like these hands reaching out of the ground with the full moon in the background.  Thought I'd tell you what it was just in case you didn't get it.

And Happy Haunting isn't really that scary, right?  So I moved right along to these.

Could you eat one?  Would you eat one?  And do you want to make one?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, I've got a tutorial showing you how.

Start with the skeleton hand mold and pinch fondant into long strips and fill the finger cavities.

Add more fondant until the mold is full.

This is the gory part, paint a little tulip red food color onto the skeleton hand.  Once they're painted, set aside the hands to dry.

Now it's time to bake the tombstone cookies, flood with white icing and airbrush with gray color.  Misting just parts of the cookie.

Use a stencil or pipe RIP across the top of the cookie, then add a crack to the side.

Next, put a dab of frosting to the back of the hand and place on the cookie.  Start at the tip of each finger and scrap the frosting away to look like scratch marks.

Break apart Oreo cookies and crush in bag using a rolling pin.  

Add icing to the bottom of the cookie and sprinkle with the crushed Oreo's.

You tell me, do you want cute or creepy?


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing these cookies with us at the Fun Food Blogger Retreat. Not only do they look incredible, they taste amazing too!! You rock!!!

  2. SO creepy and cool all at the same time! Love that mold. Cindi

    1. I have to agree, creepy and cool. Thanks so much!

  3. I need cute..BUT..these are amazing and look so REAL! You are so good at what you do! :)

    1. I'm more of a cute Halloween person myself, but had fun making these for sure! Thank you for the sweet comment!


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